Anger Management Therapy : Explained in 5 Minutes


It is said that if you get angry, you lose. Some people really believe this and swallow the anger to win.

There is another group who don’t think the same and believe that being angry is a sign of personality. They use anger as a mean to maintain dominance around them.

There is another group of people who express their anger very nicely when they are angry and can also make arrangements so that the issue of anger does not occur later or they can protest against any injustice done to them in a beautiful way. Being angry in this way makes them the winners of all situations.

So, when you get angry, you don’t lose, but the expression of anger certainly will determine if you win or lose. Because it is almost impossible to meet a person who has never been angry in life. Anger is a universal feeling, and it is not uncommon to experience this feeling.

The question is with whom, how should be the expression of anger, and how much control you have over the anger. It is a problem to express anger uncontrollably, just as it is a problem to swallow anger without expressing it. Proper protest is not possible without expressing anger or acknowledging the existence of anger.

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So it is very important to learn how to control anger and how to express it properly. And learning these control methods is called Anger Management Therapy or Anger Control Therapy. This therapy is not a fixed package but a combination of different mental strategies. The goal is to learn to express anger in a controlled way. So that it does not create any problem in the life of the person.

There are many ways to learn these techniques. So this therapy can be done by an individual or a therapist in such a system again as a group. The number of sessions is also not specific to the individual needs.

Impact of anger is always on the weak.
The impact of anger is always on the weak.

There is also the matter of time. Depending on the capacity of the person, it can be six sessions, and it can take twelve sessions. Direct sessions and online video coaching, teleconsultation can also be taught by phone.

A variety of mental exercises such as Cognitive Behavior Techniques, Problem Solving Skills, Persecution Control, Emotion Control, Relationship Development Techniques, Assertive Techniques can be applied to master anger control techniques.

The main purpose is to learn to recognize the existence of anger, to learn the physical and emotional changes that result from anger, to learn what negative effects of anger have on a person’s life, and to learn to express anger positively by eliminating those behaviors.

When Anger Management Therapy is needed?

This therapy has to be taken when anger is seen to have a bad effect on one’s personal, family, professional life, the stability of the relationship is being disturbed, the person is having problems in his own mental state.

We think of shouting, screaming, shouting, vandalism when we hear the word “anger”. But the opposite can also happen. Many are angry even when they are silent. They let loneliness overwhelm their mind. Many express anger with offensive jokes, sarcasm, and passive aggresive comments. They get angry about one thing and then express their anger in another. Usually, people let out their anger on the weak. For example, being unable to say anything to the boss in the office meeting, a man slapped his child at home and expressed his anger.

Out of anger, he spreads negative propaganda about the person he is angry with. They become aggressive to their ownself, such as cutting their hands, smoking-drinking, not eating or eating too much. Even in such cases, it is necessary to learn the management of anger control.

What is taught in Anger Management Therapy?

As it has been said before that anger is taught to be recognized in the context of the physical and mental changes. For anger control – relaxation, journaling (when anger arises in a situation, what sort of behaviors the results anger- these are put into the habit of writing) and the controling of emotions social skills, relationship development strategies, management of self are important to practice and understand.

Different forms of treatment have been proven to be quite helpful in controlling uncontrollable rage in studies. According to one research, over 75% of those who participate in anger management treatment have better results. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proven to be the most effective in teaching patients how to recognize negative patterns and modify erroneous beliefs in the majority of trials.

When you are angry, you don’t lose, but if you can’t control or manage it properly, you are certain to lose it. This is the essence of this therapy.

Written by

Dr. Srijani Ahmed

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dhaka Community Medical College.

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