Anxiety is growing in the epidemic; How to cope?


We have to spend every day pretending that the abnormal situation is normal. Anxiety, worry, frustration or sadness have now become our very normal response which is extremely detrimental to body and mind. The biggest challenge now is to keep yourself healthy in this unusual situation.

Now we all have one concern, one fear. Will we be able to stay free in the coming day or time? Can we live a healthy life? Will our family, relatives be able to stay healthy? These thoughts are constantly increasing our stress. The Corona epidemic has turned an abnormal condition into our daily routine and we have been living in this abnormal state for a long time. We haven’t been able to go out normally for a long time. Our friends, relatives are not meeting. Even from home, we can’t be worry-free. I don’t think we can be protected from corona even under house arrest.

It is really difficult to keep your peace of mind when there is chaos all around. But just think, is this instability doing something good for our body and mind? Worrying will solve the problem? Not at all. Just as Corona is trying to intimidate us by showing her paws, we need to think of ourselves first to be safe and healthy from Corona. Mental and physical well-being must be ensured first. And for this we must try to reduce anxiety. Below are some strategies that will help us stay away from our worries and anxieties even during this epidemic.

Not letting small problems bug you

In these difficult times during the epidemic, everything that was normal has changed now. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. So the problem will be more or less. But if all kinds of problems are given equal importance and they are taken care of then it will never be possible to live a healthy life. In the face of this global epidemic, it would be reasonable for us to avoid minor problems. As well as reducing stress, it will also be easier to adapt to these changing times.

Reinforce Positivity in Life

Yeah I know that is not as easy as it sounds. I can’t go to my relative’s house. We are now deprived of doing most of the pleasurable things we do. But if we focus on the things that only upsets us, will we ever be happy? Since we have nothing else to do, wouldn’t it be right to accept the situation and try to be as good and happy as we are? Attempts can be made to enjoy the time by sitting at home watching TV, watching movies, taking care of trees, doing some creative work like painting, cooking, etc. And in this we will be free from worries, our mind will also be good.


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. So instead of worrying about corona infection, we should try to prepare ourselves to deal with corona. You have to try to do what can be done to keep the body healthy and increase immunity without suffering from anxiety. If you can develop the habit of doing different types of physical exercises from home, as time goes by, your body and mind will also remain healthy.

Spending more time with the family

Loneliness has increased with other problems in Corona. This loneliness causes various mental problems such as anxiety, worry, worry, etc. So we have to try to keep this loneliness away. And the best way to get rid of loneliness and have a good time during Corona is to try to get along with others in the family as much as possible. This will divert your attention from other problems and you will be free from anxiety.

If we cannot change ourselves over time, our existence will be in crisis. This is the law of nature. So turning away from the problem or worrying about it will never get us anything good. To keep yourself healthy and ready for the future, you need to keep both mind and body healthy. And in order to do this, first of all we have to try to stay away from all kinds of stressful activities including worries and anxieties.


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