Are you living with a Narcissist?


People who live with Narcissists rarely realize it. If one’s partner is extreme narcissist, the person can suffer from low self-esteem, he may feel he is always wrong. These things can break him into many pieces over time that it takes years to recover. It’s very painful for that person.

So I want you to know some few point that may help to find out that you may living with a Narcissist. That may be your partner, friend, parents or your boss.

If you live with a narcissist, you will always feel wrong. Because a narcissist will always prove you wrong and they must be always right. They will always tell you “I know everything right about everything. I’m never wrong. I know what I’m doing. What I’m talking about. I’m always right.”

Here is the point, when someone is right there must be someone who is wrong. A narcissist always count them as right,you will be wrong in every aspect. This is how they make one feel very low. But the truth is,  NO ONE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

A narcissist will always say “I am better than anyone. I’m amazing. I’m perfect.” Whatever the situation is they will never admit their faults.

Here is one thing I believe, that is equality.

No one is better than others. Every one is better than others in different ways. But a narcissist will hate this thing. They feel they are the most attractive, amazin , beautiful, talented and they will expect you to tell them these too. If you don’t then it will make them so upset that they might outbursts their anger towards you.

It’s so damaging when a child’s parent is narcissist.  Because they will always make their children feel low, ugly, stupid and pathetic. These lowers a child’s self-esteem too low that it becomes so difficult to get it back even when they become adult.

A narcissist usually never go to a therapist. Why would they? They feel they’re always right. They believe they always know better than others. They never seek for help.

Another very important thing you will notice in every narcissist is, they will always blame others for how they feel. They will never say “I’m wrong, or I did mistake today”, instead they will always blame others for their mistakes. They say that they were right but it’s messed up because of someone else action.

If you feel you are living with a narcissist,  it’s my advice is , if possible leave them. If that’s not possible then try to stay away from them. But don’t waste your time to change them.

There’s a positive thing that in case of most narcissist that, when a narcissist becomes older they start to realize that their beauty is fading , their intellectual powers getting  slow ,they are loosening their own people. Then they might start to accept their flaws .


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