Wikipedia says binaural beats is one kind of auditory illusion. In simple language, it’s a medium of creating the artificial stimulation of sound. Artificial stimulation of sound and brain waves – brain waves refers to the fact that our brain neurons produce electric pulse of different frequencies.

Our brain creates five types of brain waves in its surroundings – delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma. Explain in detail – when we get into deep sleep or when we dream our brain builds delta brain waves (0.1-4 Hz), when we feel sleepy brain builds theta (4-8 Hz) brainwave. When our mind is in relief or when we are in a calm state of mind – activism of the alpha brainwave (8-14 Hz) continues in the brain. Also if we are busy doing work, beta (14-30 Hz) continues its activity and gamma waves (30-50 Hz) are active in any kind of physical or emotional tension or excitement.

A team of researchers is claiming for a long time that anyone can change their brainwave conditions by Binaural beats or stimulating artificial sound. For example, the brain can be brought from its exciting situation of gamma to the state of relaxation form of alpha. They also claim that in this way brainwaves can be done through mild to moderate anxiety disorder and stress management which is fruitful. For example, an article posted on published under the US national library of medicine a few days ago was about binaural waves and anxiety disorders. The results of the research was shown in the article that the anxiety level of the group listening to the binaural beats daily by 30 minutes for four weeks decreased compared to others. [Source- altern ther health med.2001.Jan; 7 (1) 58-63]

But how are the Binaural beats made? Suppose a tone of 100 Hz frequency is set in the left ear. Additionally, another tone of 105 Hz frequency is set in the same person’s right ear. It is said that the difference between these two frequencies is that a third tone of 5 Hz frequency can detect the brain of the person which is the effect of those Binaural beats and the effect of this artificially created sound which is the effect of the brain. How to create artificial stimulation of the sound? Answer: Besides, as Binaural beats has become popular in the western world, there are various binaural beats apps available in the google controlled play store of Android mobile phones.

It can be said that recent studies and results with Binaural beats demand more detailed research, although the results of its inflictions are still positive. So, maybe in the next few days, Binaural beats can become a tool like meditation for stress management or the whole thing is a Placebo effect.


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