Bipolar Affective Disorder


‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’ is a mental disorder which can be recognized by its name. The word ‘bi’ means two and ‘polar’ means head. That means the disease has two heads or two sides. On one side there is depression when the affected person is severely depressed and sad. On the other hand, the manic condition and that is the person believes him to be the superior, he gets angry now and then and he gets over enthusiastic. He doesn’t need food or sleeping but all the power and strength comes to him supernaturally.

Although there are two aspects, the disease is basically one. This disease ‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’, depression or manic, has the episode or stage which is usually two to six months long and sometimes it may take some more time. It decreases gradually with treatment.

Why it affects?
Although no specific reason has been found, there is a relation of this disease in the gene expression. That is, if someone has this disease in the family, then it may happen in the next generation.

Calm boy’s story:
A very calm boy can be very restless all of a sudden because of ‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’. Being disobedience suddenly does not mean being undisciplined but it is rather a mental disease. Except thinking on why and how these are happening, expert doctors should be consulted as soon as the behavior changes.

The relatives of the patient need to remember:
It is possible to live a fully normal life by taking necessary treatment for this disease. In most of the cases, people give advice to the patient except taking him to the doctors. Everyone should know that advice does not cure any disease. Physical illness can never be cured by the advice likewise the mental illness or disease can never be cured by the advice too. There is a difference between the behavioral change in normal behavior and in the condition of the disease and one just have to notice it. However, both cases are important.

One of the main problems of ‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’ disease is that it can affect the person again. That means the symptoms of this disease can be seen in the person in a normal stage after being cured. So it is not possible to say or assure that the disease or the symptoms have gone for forever.

The affected person should consult the doctors as soon as possible without thinking about any superstitions or what people will say.

The purpose of the treatment
The main purpose is to reduce depression or manic level symptoms but there are other aspects of the treatment for this disease. Such as, the purpose of the treatment of this disease is to keep the mind, aside from depression, cheerful, to keep them too much cheerful mind in a normal state (Manic phase) and to make sure that the problems of the disease are not affecting and coming to the patient frequently after being cured. Keeping the state of the mind in normal or in the moderate level is the important aspect of the treatment.

Mood stabilizer: These medicines are used to keep moods stable. This mood stabilizer keeps the mind in the middle of the depression and manic phase.

Antidepressant: These medicines are used to bring normalcy to a depressed mind.

Antipsychotic: Antipsychotic medicines are used for manic-level treatment.

In addition, some medicines are also used to reduce anxiety and to sleep as needed.

Psychotherapy: Usually, when symptoms are excessive, psychotherapy cannot function effectively. However, family education or psycho-education is a very important aspect. By which the family members know the information, cautioned, and the proper guidance about the disease; such as, when to do and what to do.

Professor Dr. Shalahuddin Qusar Biplob

Professor and Coordinator- Psychiatric Sex Clinic, Dept. of Psychiatry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University- BSMMU, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Former Mental Skills Consultant, Bangladesh Cricket Board


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