Bipolar Disorder- pt 3


Part 3/4: Symptoms of Bipolar Mood Disorder

Since the disease is episodic, the symptoms of the disease depend on which episode the patient is currently in. For example, in a manic episode, the patient has an unusual sense of humor, which is reflected in his actions. The clothes they wear are very shiny, colorful but inconsistent (such as a suit, tie or jacket in the summer).

The patient has a smile on his face, he may start singing while talking. The train of thought runs through their heads all the time, which is expressed in their words. In a nutshell, they can’t finish something, even in the context in which they are talking. If someone interrupts them in the middle of their talk, they are very irritated. Other symptoms include:

  • Manic patients tend to have high ideas of themselves beyond their abilities. For example, if the patient has been a day laborer or an ordinary housewife before becoming a manic, while in manic phase, he may consider himself the Prime Minister of the country or a famous film star.

Let’s talk about my patient. He has failed in his HSC and without any idea od business he wants to start Export Import business. He has no idea how to do it, where the capital will come from but he is very angry about why his family is not agreeing with him.

Again, since they think of themselves as someone very bigger than themselves, they often make dangerous decisions in business or career which later lead to huge losses for themselves.

  • In addition to self-aggrandizement, these patients tend to spend extra money, donate money, and buy unnecessary items.

For example, when they went to the market, they might have bought three or four clothes of the same color, of the same design, of the same cloth, and when they went to donate, they may have given the necessary things or money for their daily life.

In short, they will become destitute by spending carelessly, but their spending will never be small.

  • Along with expenditure, some other things such as food, sexual and other various biological needs also increase more than usual. Many  of them become preoccupied with religion at an unusual rate which interferes with their daily life.
  • As I said at the beginning, the train of thought runs through the heads of manic patients all the time. They are always so worried about new plans that their sleep is much less than normal. Apparently, they may be getting only two to three hours of sleep a night, but they do not think that getting less sleep is a problem, rather they claim that getting more sleep harms their work.
  • After all, if anyone obstructs or opposes any of these activities, they can become terribly aggressive, vandalizing or even beating others.

So much for the manic episode. Now let’s shade some light on the depressing episode. In short, depressive episodes of bipolar disorder can have exactly the same symptoms as depression patients. Basically the patient’s mood here is depressed.

Lack of interest in daily activities, lack of pleasure in the work that is good to do before, overeating / sleep disturbance or overeating / sleep, inability to concentrate on work or forgetting everything, feeling incompetent, unnecessary and living on the edge of breaking, loss of interest or thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide may all be present in a bipolar depressive phase patient.

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