Bipolar Disorder- pt 4


Part 4/4 : The future of bipolar mood disorder

The future of bipolar mood disorder or what we call “prognosis” in English, the first thing to say is that the disease is likely to recur. And according to research, this probability is about 90 percent. At the same time, the onset of the disease at a very young age, having the disease in someone of the previous lineage, having any other mental illness with this disease as “co-morbidity” etc. is considered as bad in case of prognosis of the disease.

However, if the patient takes regular medication and follows the doctor, he can lead a much healthier life. In that case, besides medicine, there are some other things to keep in mind-

The patient should never be under too much pressure. Excessive stress causes relapse.

The patient needs to ensure moderate sleep. Decreased sleep increases the risk of recurrence.

The patient should be restrained from taking any kind of intoxication, as intoxicants accelerate the return of the disease.

Above all, with the help of a doctor and the support of family members, a bipolar patient can live like ten other normal people.

From the above discussion, questions like this may come to your mind, “Well, I also spend a lot, I am often angry, I also sleep less, so am I also a manic?” The answer is, “No.”

One thing to understand here is that in psychiatry a mental problem is called a mental illness only when that problem affects the normal life of that person or his family, the people around him. If you see a symptom that you think is a problem, it is not a problem anywhere in the daily life of you or the people around you, congratulations to you! In the language of psychiatry you have no mental illness.

This is the story of bipolar disorder today. But my patient’s story did not end with the story of the disease! Let’s go back to the patient’s story.

– Well, madam, you have asked so many questions, but I have no problem with them, madam. Only problem is that I have anger. There are reasons for this is the stupid behavior of family members! Otherwise, I am not the person to be unnecessarily angry! You have to give me some medicine to reduce my anger.

– Yes. For that you have to sit quietly for some time.

(Say this I started writing his prescriptions. Even in the middle of writing, the patient was talking about various things, I don’t remember them very well ..)

– Take it, I have prescribed medicine. But this prescribed medicine can do nothing if do not take it regularly. You didn’t bring anyone with you, it is extremely important that you bring a family member with you.

– Yes, yes.

– And listen, you shouldn’t be so angry all the time. It is not bad to spend but if your tea bill is three thousand Taka, then it is too much really.

– Yes, madam, I don’t understand how it really is, madam. But I want to give to people, madam. I’m a very generous man..

– I can not give you anymore time today. You need get up now.

As the patient was about to leave, suddenly he came forward a little and said in a shy manner ..

– Madam!

– Yes?

– Madam, what is your visit fee?

– What visit fee?!

– Nothing much, madame. For some tea –biscuits. May I?

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