Bipolar Disorder- Pt 1


Part 1/1: The case of extreme emotions

One fine Saturday morning in May.  In my words, “a failed morning”

The mornings when I have to leave my home without having tea, the mornings fail me. I don’t know why but in such a ‘failed mornings’, my mood gets worse from time to time. I went out on the street and grabbed a CNG and asked, “Will you go to Shahbag?” The CNG man didn’t reply me with any yes-no, just showed his hand, “three hundred Taka”. First trigger of the morning.

I decided not to go by any CNG today, I would take a rickshaw straight! After asking two or three rickshaws, one of the rickshaw pullers agreed – Shahbagh turn for 150 Taka. But after getting on the rickshaw, it seemed that there was no hurry in the life of this rickshaw-riding gentleman. He was pulling his rickshaw in a sloth-likely manner, a song was playing on the loudspeaker of the mobile in his pocket, “Lighting the lamp of love, you threw me away and left me.”

Unfortunately, due to personal haste, I could not pay attention to the wonderful song. I told the gentleman, “Mama, hurry up, I’m getting late!” Not sure what he understood, but the speed of the rickshaw seemed to be slower than before. I was forty-five minutes late when this slow motion rickshaw stopped at the Shahbagh intersection.

Forty-five minutes plus about ten more minutes to go from Shahbag to the outdoors, a total of fifty-five minutes late. Patients were waiting for me, I started attending one after another, someone was upset, someone had sleep problems, one heard unseen noises in the ears. I started getting headaches, thanks to the roar of the outdoor stand fan. In the scorching heat of May, I couldn’t move this fan anywhere and I couldn’t stand it. So this was what  avoidance- avoidance conflict felt like!

Let the story of the conflict be saved for another day. The main character in my story is basically a patient of that day whose age was approximately 25-30, slender body. The shirt he wore looked brand new. The color was also quite crisp. He sat in the chair with a long salute, put his hands on the table and began to squirm.

– Please tell, what is your issue?

– Madam, I’ve been very angry lately! Everyone in may home claims I’m crazy.

– Why? Why would they say such things? Is everyone who is mad crazy according to them?

– That’s what I say, madam! (He gets a little excited at this point.) They don’t care about my opinion. They think I talk too much even if I just state my opinion.

– All right. Be cool. Tell me, how do you feel most of the day?

– What can I tell you, madam? I feel restless all the time. No one in the family cares about my opinion. It makes me more angry. I said I want to do business, but they wouldn’t let me do business! They mock me, you have already failed in your studies? How much more madness??

I got concerned at this point

– Why would they do so? What business do you want to do?

– Export Import.

– Of what?

– I haven’t thought about that yet, I never had the chance to think! My mood is mostly very bad!

– It takes money for starting business. Do you have the money? What job do you do now?

– Yes, madam, I don’t have cash money in my hand right now, but I am born in a rich family, money is not really an issue. And why should I work? Doing a job means I am working under other people. I was born to be a businessman!

– All right. All right. How is your sleep?

– Sleep doesn’t matter, madam. Sleep is fine. But lately I’ve been thinking a little more about the business, so I’m not getting much sleep. But I’m not having any problems. Moreover, excessive sleep is detrimental to health.

– Are you spending more and more money lately?

– Yes, madam. My expenditure has increased recently.

– Why?

– I don’t know, madam. My tea stall bill is more than three thousand taka this month.

– Giving donations?

– Yes madam, yes! I like to donate. No one is ever poor by donating Madam. Moreover, I am the head of an export-import company, it is my human responsibility to donate to the poor.

– It seems that you have bought a new shirt too. Does it feel good to dress up lately?

– Not lately, madam. I’ve been “fashionable” since I was little. I like to be trendy very much.

After saying this, I understood what he meant. My patient is basically a manic and the name of the disease is “Bipolar Mood Disorder.”

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