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Start Listening to your children

Upset Teenagers: Do parents know about Active Listening?

FARJANA FATEMA (RUMI) "Labiba is standing by the window just after a shower. Her hair has become much longer!...
Parenting style: which one is the best?

Parenting styles: are you adopting the right one?

Imagine, you are the parent of a seven-year-old boy, and these days, you are getting complaints from his schools that he often...
Unhealthy criticism and comparisons hinder a child's self-confidence

Negative criticism and comparisons lower a child’s self-confidence

Shelina Fatema Binte Shahid Confidence is one of the keys to success in life. A confident person feels constant...
Information is power in the fight against autism

Battling Autism: All Hands on Deck!

Dr. SHAHANA PARVEEN, Consultant Psychiatrist, NIMH, Dhaka, Bangladesh A child with autism needs different steps of management at different...

“Autism” -One of The Most Heard Words !

Autism, right now it’s one of the most heard words! Most of us already know something or many thing about it. But as it’s...

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Depression reduces with self-confidence!

Enhance your self-confidence; fight with all mental disorders including depression.    Recently, it has been seen that self-confidence is...

Let a normal world also be locked down for two days in a week

We do not want that world. Our future world  should be naturally beautiful and a safe and loving place for all species.

Children can be suffered from mental fatigue too.

If you think that the adults only suffer from mental fatigue or depression, you are wrong. Children can be the victim of...