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Child and Adolescent Mental Health

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Teenage love: side effects!

Adolescence is a special time of life. The period between childhood and youth is called adolescence. The adolescence period is like a...

Symptoms of Depression!

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide 35 million people are suffering from depression currently. The World Health Organization estimates that depression...

Anxiety is growing in the epidemic; How to cope?

We have to spend every day pretending that the abnormal situation is normal. Anxiety, worry, frustration or sadness have now become our...

Corona precaution awareness or OCD?

Remember, you don't have to control your thoughts. You just have to make sure that your...

“Every person has a mental problem!”

Often we hear that, "all people are mentally ill in some way" or "there are some mental illnesses among all people". Some...

Agoraphobia or anxiety disorders!

At each moment, various types of thoughts come into our minds. There are positive and negative thoughts in our continuous thinking process....

“Autism” -One of The Most Heard Words !

Autism, right now it’s one of the most heard words! Most of us already know something or many thing about it. But as it’s...
Childhood Phobia: What Parents Should Do

Childhood Phobias: Role of parents

Farzana Fatema (Rumi) Fatiha (7 years old) (pseudonym) went to her friend Nuha's (pseudonym) birthday party with her family....
Information is power in the fight against autism

Battling Autism: All Hands on Deck!

Dr. SHAHANA PARVEEN, Consultant Psychiatrist, NIMH, Dhaka, Bangladesh A child with autism needs different steps of management at different...

How to identify signs of a suicidal person

If you see any of these changes in someone you know, or if the behavior appears out of character for that...

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The news media is helping us to stay safe in these difficult times of the Corona epidemic, but in many cases these...

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