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To have a good life we need to know the ways of problem solving

Problem Solving Skills

FARZANA FATEMA (RUMI) Whenever we find ourselves in a predicament, we start looking for a quick solution. We seek...
physical changes due to stress

Physical Distress under Mental Stress

Dr. Waliul Hasnat Sajib One of the most familiar words in our lives is 'stress'. Often we or others...
workaholism is unhealthy when it's an obession

Workaholism: Passion or Obsession?

Dr. Shahriar Faruque Anik Workaholism is a behavioral problem where a person cannot restrain himself from working or is...
We can stay fresh even after having a busy life

Staying Fresh Despite Busy Life: Some Do’s & Don’ts

KHADIJA SHUVO Nowadays our busy lifestyle, daily hassles has filled our life with monotony. Keeping busy and following a...
Walking is good for mental health too

Too Much Stressed? Walk It Off !

Use the stairs rather than using the elevator in the office. Eventually you will become habituated to it. Your figure will also come in a nice shape.


Loneliness can make you vulnerable to disease. Living alone without family or friends may not only cause mental problems,...
what is teenage love

Teenage love: What is Teenage love?

Teenage love – Adolescence is a special time of life. The period between childhood and youth is called adolescence. Adolescence period is like a...

Limerence: not all Love is an Amour

Limerence – ‘Love is Drug’ is a song about love. In 1975, Roxy music released the song. When love is unilateral, it can become like...

How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Being a teenager is difficult no matter what, and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is making it even harder. With school closures and cancelled events,...

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Depression reduces with self-confidence!

Enhance your self-confidence; fight with all mental disorders including depression.    Recently, it has been seen that self-confidence is...

Let a normal world also be locked down for two days in a week

We do not want that world. Our future world  should be naturally beautiful and a safe and loving place for all species.

Children can be suffered from mental fatigue too.

If you think that the adults only suffer from mental fatigue or depression, you are wrong. Children can be the victim of...