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Counselling is needed before quarantine!

The World Health Organisation has declared a global epidemic. Bangladesh is also panicked by Corona. There are various rumours as well. Bangladeshi...

Symptoms of Depression!

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide 35 million people are suffering from depression currently. The World Health Organization estimates that depression...

Binaural beats: an extraordinary invention for anxiety disorder!

Wikipedia says binaural beats is one kind of auditory illusion. In simple language, it's a medium of creating the artificial stimulation of...

Anxiety disorder!

Occasionally anxiety or fear is normal and it is an integral part of life. Often we feel concerned about many issues. For...

Teenage love: side effects!

Adolescence is a special time of life. The period between childhood and youth is called adolescence. The adolescence period is like a...

Be Kind

Kindness is a word that means something simple: good intentions toward living beings, including oneself. This goodwill is present...

The Healing Power of Hugs!

Can hugs transform our mental health? One day several years ago, I spontaneously hugged a patient of mine, Gretchen....
sleep disorders

Sleep Disorders: What you need to know

Dr. Hosne Ara We pass about one-third of our lives by sleeping. When you hear the word sleep, you...
To have a good life we need to know the ways of problem solving

Problem Solving Skills

FARZANA FATEMA (RUMI) Whenever we find ourselves in a predicament, we start looking for a quick solution. We seek...
physical changes due to stress

Physical Distress under Mental Stress

Dr. Waliul Hasnat Sajib One of the most familiar words in our lives is 'stress'. Often we or others...

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Mental Health assistance to Rohingya Women and Children for Covid-19

In planning for the pandemic, the Bangladesh government and aid organizations are attempting to raise awareness in the camps about sanitation, hygiene, and...

The Mental Crisis of the Frontline Workers

"With 30 years of experience, I’m not someone who gets depressed easily. But I am feeling low"Dr Reshma Tewari, the head...