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Covid-19 recovered are suffering from mental health problems

Many have suffered from mental or nervous problems after recovering from corona. A recent study found that one-third of people who recovered...

Internet, mental health, and Us!

In the present world, we are now living in an information technology village. The Internet has become an essential part of our...
Being selfless is a greater feeling

Helping people in Need : Who Are You- An Altruist or A Bystander?

In 1964, Kittie Genovese was stabbed to death in front of her apartment in New York City by a young man. At one point the murderous young man fled and after a while came back again and confirmed his death by stabbing again. The whole thing took about thirty minutes to happen, and the whole time Kittie Genovese kept screaming for help. A total of 36 people were watching the incident from their apartments at the time, but no one came forward to help her, not even called the police. The incident caught much attention and many analysis & explanations followed.
suicide facts

Suicide: Superstition and scientific facts

ASST. PROFESSOR DR. SRIJONI AHMED Whenever we hear the word suicide, so many thoughts come to our mind, 'Is...

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Mental Health assistance to Rohingya Women and Children for Covid-19

In planning for the pandemic, the Bangladesh government and aid organizations are attempting to raise awareness in the camps about sanitation, hygiene, and...

The Mental Crisis of the Frontline Workers

"With 30 years of experience, I’m not someone who gets depressed easily. But I am feeling low"Dr Reshma Tewari, the head...