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Anger is not always an illness

Anger: Not always an ailment

Dr. Muntasir Maruf A person who has never been angry in his life is hard to find. From an...
Geriatric mental illness

Mental illness in old age

Dr. Saifun Nahar Sumi 15% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some form of mental illness....
coronavirus affects brain

The way coronavirus affects the brain

coronavirus is not just a respiratory disease. As time goes on, it is becoming more and more clear that coronavirus causes many...
covid 19


According to scientists in Wuhan, where one percent of people had PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder under...
benefits of anxiety

Good aspects of anxiety!

According to a health website, good anxiety is scientifically called eustress, which urges us to achieve more, to improve our quality of...

Corona Virus and the Mental health of the pregnant woman:The opinion of the specialist...

The whole world is alarmed because of Corona Virus. The normal activities have been stopped in this crisis....

Mental Disease: Addiction of Gambling

Mental Disease: Addiction of Gambling – Game is fun but all game is not just fun game, for example, gambling. Gambling is different from other games...

Gender Identity Disorder

The boy does not want to see himself as a boy; likewise the girl does not want to consider herself as a girl. Such...


Hallucination is one of the few words or subjects, related to psychology, which are a common interest in general. The word “hallucination” is popular...

Bipolar Affective Disorder

‘Bipolar Affective Disorder’ is a mental disorder which can be recognized by its name. The word ‘bi’ means two and ‘polar’ means head. That...

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Depression reduces with self-confidence!

Enhance your self-confidence; fight with all mental disorders including depression.    Recently, it has been seen that self-confidence is...

Let a normal world also be locked down for two days in a week

We do not want that world. Our future world  should be naturally beautiful and a safe and loving place for all species.

Children can be suffered from mental fatigue too.

If you think that the adults only suffer from mental fatigue or depression, you are wrong. Children can be the victim of...