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Covid-19 recovered are suffering from mental health problems

Many have suffered from mental or nervous problems after recovering from corona. A recent study found that one-third of people who recovered...

What is mental disorder?

Every person has a mind. We take heart and mind together from conventional ideas. In reality, the mind's position is in the...

There are physical symptoms of mental illness!

The husband of a newlywed  19-year-old girl, who studies in college, had to go abroad due to his job just after a...

The dilemma of the middle-aged mind!

Case Study 1 Shayla Ahmed (pseudonym) has stepped in for 45 years. Her husband has a very good job....

Internet, mental health, and Us!

In the present world, we are now living in an information technology village. The Internet has become an essential part of our...

Social Anxiety Disorder!

As a social being, humans try to maintain their relationship by interacting with each other through verbal and non-verbal communication. Do we...
ways to changing behavior

Self-harm, the dangerous mental disorder!

Suicide means killing yourself and self-harm doesn't mean killing yourself but continuously harming yourself by other means. But these two things are...
Being selfless is a greater feeling

Depression is a serious mental disorder!

Depression is an emotional psychological disease. Sometimes we feel unhappy, with reasons and also without reasons, and become sorry with our life....

“Every person has a mental problem!”

Often we hear that, "all people are mentally ill in some way" or "there are some mental illnesses among all people". Some...

Sleep! It is important.

The human body is composed of a clear cycle of labor and relaxation. The problem creates when the cycle is not maintained...

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Mental Health assistance to Rohingya Women and Children for Covid-19

In planning for the pandemic, the Bangladesh government and aid organizations are attempting to raise awareness in the camps about sanitation, hygiene, and...

The Mental Crisis of the Frontline Workers

"With 30 years of experience, I’m not someone who gets depressed easily. But I am feeling low"Dr Reshma Tewari, the head...