Children can be suffered from mental fatigue too.


If you think that the adults only suffer from mental fatigue or depression, you are wrong. Children can be the victim of mental fatigue/depression as well.

The most sensational information is that just a few months old children are also seen to be depressed. In many cases, guardians do not even understand the causes of children’s pain or temper and reasons of childhood fatigue/ depression. These symptoms only refer to mental fatigue. But this mental fatigue of children remains untreated just because parents are unable to understand and which creates various complexity in mental health later in their lives. 

According to research, when a child suffers from depression or fatigue, the child doesn’t get what is happening with him/her. They do not understand the reason behind their condition which adults at least have ideas about. And, actually, this is the difference between the fatigue of adults and children. And every guardian must know about this.  

If you observe that your child is often depressed and introverted, then it is confirmed that your child is having the symptoms of childhood fatigue which you should never ignore. At first, you must know the details about the symptoms of childhood depression and introversion to take necessary steps. Let’s know the symptoms of childhood depression and fatigue: 

  •  Lack of interest: If your child doesn’t show any interest and rather wants to stay in her/his room when you want to take your child for outing or do something funny with him/her, then you should understand that it is a symptom of depression. 
  •  Aggressive: If your child is aggressive or expresses too much anger out of his own nature, it can be one of the symptoms of childhood depression.
  •  Indifference: Depressed children, generally, stay indifferent toward delightful events or affection and love of their parents.
  • Feeling valueless: If your child keeps saying, “Nobody loves me” or somewhat like this, it is one of the symptoms. 
  • Bad results: Your child is suddenly doing bad in exams, it is also a symptom of childhood fatigue. Because, fatigue/ depression makes children inattentive and interrupts in their concentration and skill of retention.
  • Monotony/boredom: If your sprightly child suddenly becomes so tired even after taking enough rest, then this is a symptom of depression.
  • Loss of appetite: It can happen suddenly as well. It is also a symptom of depression. And it is very difficult to identify as maximum children are very passive about eating.
  • Not interested in any interaction: If your child suddenly stops to play with his friends or doesn’t talk or interact with people, then it is one of the symptoms of fatigue or depression.        

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