Corona Frustration and Mental Health Risks at Work


During this difficult time in Corona, extreme chaos has descended at the workplace, which is at the moment a great concern to young people. This has a detrimental effect on their mental state. As a result, various mental health problems are emerging on a regular basis.

Pandemic has alienated people of all ages and professions from their normal lives. In order to maintain social distance and isolation, we are trying to do everything from home without going out for a long time. Due to this, as the opportunity to go out and work has decreased, so has the scope of relaxing and interacting with others.

One of the biggest problems in the field of work is the uncertainty about the working life of a large part of young people who are looking for a job. On the one hand, there is growing frustration in the life of the unemployed, on the other hand, the age limit for government service is gradually decreasing, which has created extreme anxiety among many.

stress at work

Many people have been unemployed in the Corona period. Due to the lack of new job opportunities and the ongoing economic problems, these unemployed people are also drowning in frustration, anxiety and depression. All of this has put young people in a difficult time on the whole, which has multiplied their mental health problems.

Corona is responsible for the growing frustration, anxiety, and stress among young people that lead to a variety of physical and mental complications. These mental problems are giving rise to complications like severe loneliness, insomnia, loss of appetite, impatience etc. among many.

Common Workplace Stressors

  • Low payment, and lot of responsibilities.
  • Little chances for progress or progress.
  • Uninteresting or difficult work
  • Inadequate social support
  • Having insufficient control over work-related decisions
  • Demands in conflict
  • Ambiguous performance expectations

Many in Corona are reaching such a level of frustration and loneliness that they are forced to make extreme decisions like suicide. That is to say, Corona is not only putting us at risk physically, but also creating mental health risks that have created epidemic-like complications. Just as the Corona epidemic is widespread and contagious, so is the rate of mental health problems among our young people.

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Taking measures to reduce stress

Keep track of your sources of stress.

For a week or two, keep a notebook to track which events cause you the greatest stress and how you react to them. Keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and details about the situation, such as the individuals and situations involved, the physical surroundings, and how you behaved.

Practice healthy reactions.

Instead of turning to fast food or booze to relieve stress, try to make healthy choices when you’re feeling stressed. For successful stress management, getting adequate good-quality sleep is also critical. Minimize your caffeine intake late in the day and limit stimulating activities such as computer and television use at night to develop good sleeping patterns.

Define your limits.

It’s easy to feel pressured to be available 24 hours a day in today’s digital environment. Make some work-life distinctions for yourself. Making a commitment not to read emails at home every night or not picking up the phone during dinner might help with this.

Speak with your supervisor.

Your supervisor has an incentive to establish a work environment that supports employee well-being since employee health has been related to productivity at work. Begin by having an open discussion with your boss. The goal here isn’t to make a list of complaints, but to come up with a strategy for dealing with the stresses you’ve discovered so you can perform at your best at work.

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The development and climate of social culture usually depend on the young society. So if their mental health is not good, then it will be very difficult to remove various inconsistencies and disorders from society. Therefore, various initiatives need to be taken to address the complications that are arising from various inconsistencies in the workplace during the Corona period.

In order to relieve the frustration of the young society in Corona, it is necessary to give them the inspiration to become self-reliant by getting out of the conventional work thinking. It will alleviate economic problems as well as reduce stress and anxiety about working life.

The time has come to show our interest in keeping everything else normal during the Coronation period, as well as addressing the growing mental health risks of young people. This will make it possible to keep a large section of the society healthy and healthy during the Corona period and ensure the role of the young society in building a secure future and a Corona free future.


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