Corona Virus and the Mental health of the pregnant woman:The opinion of the specialist Prof. Dr. Nahid Mahjabin Morshed


The whole world is alarmed because of Corona Virus. The normal activities have been stopped in this crisis. In this crisis moment the period of pregnancy is very crucial for any woman. It is very important for her that her whole family takes care of her and be with her at this period of time. And it is also important for her to become caring for her own self.

The side effects of negative thought on human minds is in alarming situations. Especially, women become weak mentally and physically in the period of pregnancy. They have less immune power in this time. They become afraid even if they just have normal cold and cough. They become tensed not only for her own sickness but also for the well-being of the baby. In this time of the world, pregnant women are being horrified by hearing any news of Corona Virus. This horrified condition always create mental pressure and obstacles. As a result, they can suffer from restlessness, anxiety and sleeping problem.

Different kinds of news about Corona on the media like the amount of infected people or dead people can be the reason of creating horrible mental pressure. The tension for herself and for the baby increases the panic. They keep thinking about the matters like can they go for check-ups in time; is it safe to go outside; will the service of treatment be available in this emergency; will the baby be born healthy? She becomes tensed for all the members of the family and for herself. Especially, when anybody of her family goes outside of the house for work, she becomes tensed for that person’s safety and for the reason that he/she can also be the probable virus bearer.

There are no permanent maidservants in many houses. Many have given vacation to the assistants of household chores for the sake of safety. It is hard to work in pregnancy. It also pressurizes her mentally on how she would do all the households chores alone and take care of the whole family; espicially, the younger ones and the older ones. These things create mental pressure. Especially, the working women remain tensed about their works. Therefore, the whole family should help the pregnant woman and give her time.

If everyone helps her and especially her husband always remains beside her and if everybody spends good time altogether (for example: gossiping with each other, chatting, watching TV, playing indoor games etc.), her tensions will be released. Adequate sleep and rest have to be kept in mind always. The instructions like maintaining cleanliness must be followed without being panicked. Every types of foods should be cooked according to the cleaning process instead of eating outside food. Balanced diet should be maintained strictly. The food items with vitamin C should be eaten a lot. The immune power should be enhanced. The facility of treatment should be ensured in the time of the emergency. If needs be, the doctor from the pregnancy period can provide service and advice through online.

When the anxiety decreases, the immune power increases. Mother should try to be well instead of being anxious. Thus, the baby will grow healthily inside its mother. Therefore, we all have to face this crisis without being panicked and anxious. We have to try to be fine.

Author: Prof. Dr. Nahid Mahjabin Morshed

Professor, Department of Psychiatry,BSMMU.


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