Coronavirus News- spreading awareness or negetivity?


The news media is helping us to stay safe in these difficult times of the Corona epidemic, but in many cases these news are becoming one of the main causes of fear, frustration and anxiety. It is important to think about how to keep yourself free from this phobia and protect yourself based on the right news.

If you think that the news about Covid-19 is misleading you, then you are not alone. Based on a recent study on Covid-19, the World Health Organization has identified a special condition called ‘infodemic’. It is a condition that makes people hesitant about the news and in this condition it becomes more difficult for them to avoid rumors and listen to reliable news and take action accordingly.

Since it is important to listen to the news regularly during this crisis and it is also important that you choose the right news out of thousands of rumors and be aware of it. It is also important to make sure that the news does not increase your frustration, anxiety or worry. These tasks will be much easier for you if you adopt some strategies.

1) Listen to the news at a certain time of the day: Since now we can’t go out if we want to, no one can come to our house, we can’t go anywhere, television and social media has become one of the means to spend time sitting at home. Many people are terrified of Corona and keep listening to the news all the time. Keeping an eye on what is happening where. You may think that this is raising your awareness but it is not really happening. Excessive negative news negatively affects our thinking and increases fear, apprehension, frustration, depression among us. It does more harm than good. So don’t think about it all the time, listen to the news at a certain time of the day and watch other entertainment programs to keep the mind cheerful, read more books and spend time with family.

2) Avoid overly sensitive news or discussion: There are some news items that cause great pain to the mind and increase stress. In many cases, different media outlets spread this kind of news to attract people. Avoid these types of news media and news. That kind of news and discussion has an effect on your brain for a long time. Avoiding this type of news will help you to be at peace of mind.

3) Connect your mind to positive things: Do any other work that is your favorite to divert attention from the news. In this case, you can chat with your family, read a book of your choice, cook or write a diary. When a person hears bad news all the time, he gradually becomes depressed, lonely, numb and loses self-control and eventually faces extreme mental problems. So when the news comes in front of you, try to avoid it and focus on the other side. This will result in a positive change in your mental health and you will be able to have a healthy and beautiful time.

Being mentally healthy is very important for being physically healthy. So besides being careful, it is also important to keep in mind that extra caution should not be a cause of disturbing the peace of mind. So focus on maintaining good mental health as well as physical health and refrain from listening to excessively negative news.


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