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covid patients are at high risk of developing PTSD

According to scientists in Wuhan, where one percent of people had PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder under normal circumstances, it has risen to 6% since COVID. Where the disease rate is high, 18.4% and where it is low, 5.2% of people are suffering from it. Not only there are patients in it but also healthy individuals are among the sufferers too. Health workers were not left out either. Among them, the infection rate is 4.4%.

Patients are at higher risk because the virus often spreads to the brain. As a result, mood swings, irritability and poor concentration might occur. Some become depressed. If the disease gets complicated, the risk increases.

According to a US study, about 40% of hospitalized COVID patients require ICU care. Of those who survived, 96% had post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Why COVID Poses Greater Risk?

The first cause is the disease itself and the great difficulty of treating it. Sleeping pills are sometimes given to reduce pain. Udit Chadda, a chest specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says sleeping with lots of Benzodiazepines increases the risk of PTSD. Loneliness does too. The love and care that a patient needs while fighting with illness, can not be provided in COVID. Added to this is the uncertainty of life and livelihood, the fear of being socially isolated. According to scientists, this is the reason why the number of PTSD sufferers will be much more in this pandemic than it was during SARS, Mars, Ebola etc.

The Solution

If there is a risk factor for the disease, be careful in advance. Seek expert advice as soon as the slightest symptoms appear. The expert will sometimes do different types of therapy, teach some relaxation methods, prescribe medicine if necessary. In some cases, all of them may be needed.


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