Covid-19 recovered are suffering from mental health problems

While the unrelenting media coverage may make it seem like coronavirus is omnipresent in our lives, we should try to keep things in perspective, says USC expert Sheila Teresa Murphy. (Illustration/iStock)

Many have suffered from mental or nervous problems after recovering from corona. A recent study found that one-third of people who recovered from Covid-19 have such problems.

A report published in the Lancet Psychiatry on Tuesday said 34 percent of coronary heart disease sufferers suffered mental or neurological symptoms within six months of infection.

The most common of these was tension problems, to be more specific, the number was 17 percent. Moreover, 14 percent has reported to have uncontrollable mood.

More than 2,30,000 people have suffered from various neurological and mental problems in the six months since they recovered. Most of them are U.S. citizens. Scientists say the Corona epidemic is causing a variety of mental problems, including frustration, desperation and depression.

Experts who have studied a number of patients say it is not clear how the virus is linked to mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, but they are among the 14 problems they have found.

These 14 diseases include musculoskeletal bleeding, Parkinson’s, Gillian-Barry syndrome (a type of flu-induced symptom), dementia, psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, etc.

Covid sufferers are most likely to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders. Researchers speculate that these side effects may be due to the stress of being hospitalized after becoming very ill.

After Covid, stroke, memory loss and other complex neurological problems were not seen in everyone, the researchers said. However, they noted that many people with coronary heart disease had serious problems.

Max Taquet, a psychiatrist at Oxford University in the UK who led the recent study, said:

The results of our study indicate that coronary heart disease and mental health problems are more likely to occur after being infected with corona than other flu or infectious diseases.

Experts have expressed concern about the high risk of brain and mental health in people recovering from corona. Earlier last year, another study found that 20 percent of people suffered from mental health problems after recovering from Covid-19.

To cope with mental health, follow these tips on How to protect your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by UNICEF.


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