Treat Loneliness the Right Way: 5 Effective Tips


There is a widespread belief that loneliness means living alone away from everyone, and that loneliness is the only reason people suffer from a mental problem called loneliness. But this idea is a very wrong idea and today we will discuss what to do to overcome loneliness.

We have all suffered from loneliness at some point. Just as our personalities are different, so are our psychological experiences of loneliness.

Many people mistakenly think of loneliness as just an idea or a condition. People think that loneliness is a straightforward way for people to be alone. Those who live far away from others or live alone are lonely. And those who live with family, who have people around them, are not alone. This idea, which is common among people, is not entirely correct.

Loneliness is actually the stress or discomfort felt in a person that arises from the distance created between his expectations and attainments towards different social relationships.

Some feelings of loneliness can be easily overcome by increasing social interaction with people. If you try to share your thoughts with someone, the stress and discomfort created in your mind can be removed.

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But if this mental discomfort and stress is too much, then there are many complex issues behind the problem of someone suffering from chronic loneliness. This kind of mental problem makes a person think that he is empty, empty, different from everyone and unwanted.

People who suffer from loneliness seek the companionship of others in their minds. But their mental state stood in the way of their relationship with others. Their loneliness is not just because there is no one around them. Rather it is a complete mental state that keeps him psychologically alone among many people. The feeling of being alone among all of them works.

Thus, loneliness is a state or feeling in the human psyche that is completely controlled by the thoughts of the mind. It has nothing to do with whether or not there are people around. So to overcome loneliness, you have to change this feeling from the mind.


Fending off Loneliness

In this case, the victim’s own mind will be able to play the most effective role. One has to believe with all his heart that loneliness may be all around him, but this situation must change. Some of these strategies are mentioned below.

1) Change in your thinking: Of all the strategies that have been tested in various studies to overcome loneliness, the most effective way is to change your thinking. The biggest change in the life of a person suffering from chronic loneliness can be to prepare oneself mentally to solve one’s problems by developing positive thinking in oneself.

Attempts to change the mindset of others about the growing negative perceptions of others, gradually increasing social interaction and talking to others about the negative perceptions will definitely play an effective role in relieving a person from this mental illness.

2) Trying to restore enthusiasm in social life: When the feeling of loneliness among a person increases to an abnormal level, he starts trying to avoid social interaction. Because everything starts to put extra stress on him, everything seems unbearable to him. They try to avoid various signals such as falling in someone’s eyes, laughing and talking to someone, etc.

Naturally these are the positive effects of the social environment on us. Lonely people begin to think negatively of these positive effects. And that is the essence of change.

Talking to everyone, smiling, socializing with everyone is the best way to live and they have to create the feeling that they are a part of this society. They need to slowly convince themselves that they are not unwanted.

3) Creating a clear idea of ​​your expectations from people in different relationships: The equation of want-to-work between us and others often plays a big role behind the feeling of loneliness.

We think we have a special place in everyone’s life and they will take away our loneliness in a special way. Which may not be the case and this is where the dissatisfaction and discomfort between us and the loneliness arises. We have to rein in this expectation.

4) You can pursue interests and activities that you’ve always wanted: It may seem frightening at first, but stepping outside of your comfort zone is a wonderful thing to do – and it can be really rewarding!

5) Keep an eye on your “loneliness thoughts.” Keep in mind that loneliness is more of a state of mind than a truth or reality. Yes, being alone for extended periods of time may trigger emotions of loneliness, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in those feelings and believe that you’re doomed to be lonely for the rest of your life.

Try to pay attention to your ideas about loneliness as they pass by, and remind yourself that you don’t have to believe in loneliness. You are more than your ideas, and you do not have to let them define who you are. Learning how to meditate with mindfulness is an excellent approach to become more aware of your thoughts and to learn to let them go when necessary.

Loneliness is not something that can be met by anyone who has a special place. Rather, find work that will give you peace of mind. Keep yourself busy by doing whatever you like to keep a good mind.

You are alone, no one wants you, etc. Stop thinking. Because you are enough for yourself. Why would you be alone? Try to think of yourself as self-sufficient from the mind.

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Accept it yourself, your best friend. So never rely on loneliness or feelings of loneliness in the presence or absence of someone else.

At some point in our lives, we all feel lonely. In reality, loneliness is a common reaction to feeling physically, emotionally, or both isolated from others. That isn’t to say that it’s a simple emotion to deal with. Loneliness can set off other mental health problems, such as depression. Learning how to live with loneliness is a valuable skill that may significantly improve the quality of one’s life.


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