Delusional Disorder: What is Delusional Disorder?


Delusional Disorder is a sign of a serious psychological disease. Delusion is such a strong belief that someone holds onto an incomplete foundation and it cannot be broken by explaining it logically. This belief cannot be explained through the educational, social, religious and cultural basis of the believer. It has many types and can be expressed in many ways.

For example, a man believes his parents are trying to kill him. But it is an illogical and baseless thinking; It is Delusion. Again, a person believes that Jinn has possessed him, it is the delusion for American society but it is logical to think in our society. In that case, it is not delusion for our country. A disease can be explained in different ways and there can be many exceptions too.

This is called Delusional Disorder when there is the only delusion as diseases. It can appear in many ways and in many types. It is really difficult to diagnose this disease.

Persecutory Type:
The patients of this Delusional Disorder suspect the people around them and they consider themselves appropriate all the time. The patients think them as enemies whoever try to correct their behavior.

Jealous Type:
The patients of this delusion suspect their spouses that she/he is involved in any illegal relationship. They can even kill their partner out of the tremendous suspicion. Men have this type of delusion more.

Erotomanic Type:
The patients of this delusion believe that others just love them. Mainly girls have this kind of delusion. The patient believes that someone loves him/her very much but he/she is out of the patient’s reach. At the same time, the patient also believes that the person loves him/her more than he/she loves. And without him/her, that person’s life will be incomplete. But that person cannot come in his/her life because of the social bindings.

Somatic Type:
This type of patient thinks/believes that insect, flies or any other things move on their body. They do not see that but believe that something is walking on their body.

Grandiose Type:
The patients of this delusion believe that they have the ultimate power. Their power has suddenly increased a lot. They are the King or the Chief Minister and they can do good to the world and so on.

Mixed Type:
The patients of this delusion believe in a few things all together. Their faith revolves around more than one subject.

Unspecified Type:
Apart from the above mentioned, many more signs of delusion can be seen.

Dr. S M Yasir Arafat

MBBS, MBA, MPH, & MD Phase B Resident, Department of Psychiatry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. Adjunct Faculty, Department of Public Health, ASA University, Bangladesh. Contact:


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