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Depression is an emotional psychological disease. Sometimes we feel unhappy, with reasons and also without reasons, and become sorry with our life. There are many reasons to be sad such as family or personal life complexity, separation of loved ones, death etc. It becomes bearable with the time-being and this is the law of nature. We get back to our normal life again. But if someone is depressed for a little reason or without any reason at all and it lasts for a long time, then this is a disease called depression. People with this disease always feel gloomy. If they have been asked the question that how they feel in the maximum time of the day, the answer will be depressed or do not like anything or not at peace.

Patients of our country do not give as much importance to this matter as the patients of the developed country give. Many times the patient is suffering from this disease but the close people do not even understand. Patients suffering from it usually refer to physical illness or weakness more than mental problems. 

There are certain symptoms of this disease. People with depression generally feel some problem in their day to day life. They lose their interest in work or don’t feel happy about work. They do not sleep properly; lack of appetite decreases body weight; always feel tired and weak; always feel languish and extreme tiredness; always consider thyself ineligible and guilty; decrease ability to think or concentrate on anything; often suffer from indecision; sometimes the patients think of committing suicide, some have tendency to do suicide, some also attempt to do suicide; some patients even commit suicide.

Studies show that 40 percent of people committed suicides because of depression. But if we first identify the disease and take proper treatment, then many people in this society can easily be saved from suicide. Medicines of preventing depression have been available worldwide including Bangladesh. It is possible to get rid of depression if we take the appropriate and right medicines according to the doctor’s advice. Besides, psychotherapy or counseling can possibly cure it quickly.


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