Enhance your self-confidence; fight with all mental disorders including depression.   

Recently, it has been seen that self-confidence is very important because any problem can be outfought with self-confidence. A self-confident person can never be broken mentally or be depressed.

We see doctors and take medicines when we are ill. And self-confidence is great medicine. This great medicine is capable of solving your problems without costing you any money. This is the strength of mind and consistency of character.

People have different wrong ideas about themselves. Many do not know about the internal or inherent strength. But everyone on this earth has some special qualities which make them special and unique. For example, some people have creative powers; some have social etiquettes, kindness and forgiveness; and some are patient, honest and faithful. These qualities have the most roles to build a human’s character. These qualities make someone special and unique from others and make people mentally strong.

We must know our inherent powers/strengths. And we have to utilise them too because a confident person is happy in his/her life and does not suffer from depression as well. Some easy steps can accelerate the whole process to enhance confidence.      

1. At first, find out the special sides of your own character: what are the special and good sides in you? Are you honest? Brave? Patient? Ask these question and find out the answers.

2. Utilise the special sides of your character: make sure that your special sides get expressed by your daily activities.

3. Note down your daily experiences: how you are solving your daily challenges; make a calendar and note down how you are utilising your good sides of your character. Thus you can be aware of your daily activities.       

4. Give enough time to yourself: changing mentality or building character is not possible in one day. You have to give enough time to yourself. Observe how your efforts affect your mental condition and character.        

Everything is possible with efforts. It is like the process of utilising the inherent strength to fight with depression and mental weakness. It takes time but it is not entirely impossible.     


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