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Depression is a psychological disease and it is more important than many other diseases. We have researched and got 4.5 percent depression in 2005-2007. If 4.5 percent is there, then there are about 70 million people suffering from depression among our 16 million people.

There are three types of depression-

1. Light

2. Medium

3. Serious

Serious depression is a big problem and one of the main reasons for suicide. Serious depression creates difficulty in daily business, work/job, business and domestic life. But there is treatment for depression. Medicines along with counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive Behavior therapy is there for patients to confront this disease. But there is a probability to have depression again after being better. That is why the patient has to follow up.

Bipolar Mood Disorder’ can also be seen in many depressed patients. Bipolar disease has two parts: “depression and mania”. Apparently patients can become abnormal after having first, second, third time depression consequently. For example, saying more, walking more and more. For this reason, it should be taken care of during the treatment whether the patient has ‘Bipolar mood disorder’ or not. On the other hand, depression also may start after mania.

According to WHO‘s Projection Record, depression will be in the 2nd place in the disease burden within 2030. It is not just mental illness rather disease burden is made of both mental illness and physical illness which is a big burden for the nation. If it is not paid attention and the treatment is not done, then the burden of the country will be very high and those active people who are suffering from (a large part, approximately 60-70 lakhs) depression will not be able to work outside or inside the house. If this happens, we will not be able to improve the nation and alleviate poverty as the government is expecting. Therefore, treatment of depression is very important.

One problem with depressed patients is that they don’t say their actual problem which is the bad condition of their minds. Rather they say that they are suffering from headache, body pain, unrest, body ache, chest pain, stomach ache, stomach problems, etc. physical sign to the doctors. So it is the doctor’s duty to confirm whether it is depression or not. Otherwise this disease will never be treated.

There is also a tendency of people to be addicted due to depression. It is their explanation that addiction is the solution of depression. In this way, some people become addicted in order to get rid of depression which adds more problems.

Heart disease, stroke, brain disorders, and sexual issues can happen due to depression. In the overall consideration, depression stands in the second position among all the mental diseases. Excessive anxiety or anxiety disorders is the first in the list. We have got anxiety disorder around 6.5 percent and 4.5 percent depression among people. There are other psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia and they are fewer in the number. So depression should be treated with proper importance.

Depression is not just about psychological issues. Those who have physical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, dermatitis, asthma, chronic bronchial, and cancer can have depression. People who had big surgeries like brain operation, hemorrhoid surgery, and heart operation will need mental treatment in most of the cases and it is more likely to have depression. Therefore, doctors of other departments need to know about depression and along with other treatments they need to treat the depressed patients too. Only by treating physical diseases, without treating depression, the patient can live longer but his/her quality of life will not be good. So every doctor must have some knowledge on depression so that they can treat or refer to somebody else.

7th April is World Health Day. So in this regard, the subject of World Health Day was given : Depression: Let’s talk. We have made it Bengali by the initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare “Ashun bishonnota niye kotha boli(Let’s talk about depression)”. By forwarding this slogan we who are involved in the treatment of depression can have discussion on it and can organize different programs by which we can raise awareness among people, highlight the treatment of depression, mention the places where treatment is available and what to do. Our government is now quite aware of this. Treatment of this disease is available at different places including National Mental Health Institute and Bangabandhu Medical College Hospital. Psychologists are also offering medical treatment at various clinics. I think we are at the right track and we hope for more cooperation from the government.


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