Drug Addiction is a Long-term Disorder


Sigmund Freud mentions three elements or layers when describing the personality structure. Id, Ego and Super Ego. The ‘Id’ is the will. ‘Ego’ means to conform to reality with the logic. ‘Super Ego’ is ideal or moral or conscience. Id was created from the birth. Freud said, Ego is coming from Id. Finally, Super Ego. That is, first will, then logic and finally conscience.

Think of a child, the child might ask for something. He does not know whether or not it should be available or wanted. There is no need to know. This is Id . When child grows up, he will ask, when there is possibility of fulfilling that wish! That is the reasoning. Finally, ‘Super Ego’. When the child is learning to think, should he want it or not? If you judge with hunger, you will see, hungry, ask for food, it is Id. Food is not available in front of you, so you can not find food, so you can not get it, it is Ego. Hungry, have food, but the food is not mine. Any other people, should not be asked here. This is Super Ego. First of all, only ask or desire, then logic and lastly ideal.

Over time, human personality is thus formed. The strange and sad thing is that due to intoxication, the structure again goes waste from the opposite side. At first, the ideals are lost, then logic is lost, only‘Id’ persists. People with addicted or addictive drugs can not judge with reason or argument. As the time of drug addiction increases, the ideal and logic tends to tear.

People grow up to grow from families, from society, from thousands of educational institutions. Due to addiction, when he starts to lose education or that education is almost empty, it is not a matter of happiness for any guardian. Things are not like anything. Whatever it is mild or priceless, no matter what. Think, education from the early age is not ideal and effective. Then what is the person’s stay? Who would like to be a family, social or state guardian of such a person? Therefore, it must be stopped before such an unhealthy and unwanted situation can be created.

Science says, addiction is a long-term disease. Which, once started, there is a possibility of frequent relapse. So it is best to stop someone before being drug addict. The guardians will have to be the most vigilant for him. From the beginning, the boy or girl must be explained the severity and consequences of the drug. They have to be alert about how people get involved in these, how to protect themselves.

From the beginning, the boy or girl must be explained the severity and consequences of the drug. They have to be alert about how people get involved in these, how to protect themselves.

Different researchers said that drug addicts generally starts taking drugs for two reasons. There is a group of people who started to take drugs to express themselves in different ways or to make fun with others by expressing their feelings. Most of the adults think that they will not be addicted in any way. But they lost their promise in the middle. Another group is said to have started taking drugs to deal with any grief, distress, emotional stress, mental illness, or temporary distress. But they also can not hold themselves. Unknowingly, the intoxication of intoxicants is entangled in the trap.

There is a chemical or neurotransmitter called brain dopamine. Dopamine is the most responsible for the feeling of any joy to the human. Drugs enhance Dopamine in the Brain. So, while taking drugs, people are enjoying temporarily. Dopamine is also responsible for human movement or various activities.  Besides, the drug also affects chemicals called serotonin and glutamate. Serotonin affects people’s sleep and moods. On the other hand, glutamate also works on memory and learning processes or control of education. Liquor can temporarily improve these issues.

But remember, by changing the chemicals  like dopamine or serotonin, people change some of the brain’s normal circuits from normal conditions. Joy and motivation, these two cycles are more damaged. So through the use of drugs, people get rejuvenated and they become indoors. Joy circuit is the most affected. That is why people can not leave drugs and the habits continue for a long time.

Although people initially take drugs at their own will, they are forced to take drugs again and again due to these changes of brain and physical harm. Sadly, there is a change in the structural and operational efficiency of the  brain. As a result, there is a change in human behavior. So these things should be controlled before these changes are made. Yaba or some other addictive substances that can change the form of brain dopamine carrying neurons.

Although there are many reasons for being drug addicts, the availability of drugs is most responsible for this. Some are equally responsible for the structure of human personality and genetics. Besides, stress, fun with friends, caring for the environment, and also responsible for different levels. Some psychiatric disorders are also said to be the major cause of drug addiction. It is also mentioned that some people are addicted as part of some mental illness.

Drug addiction not only affects brain, but also many other social, economic and health benefits. When a man is intoxicated, his own  consciousness is lost.

Professor Dr. Shalahuddin Qusar Biplob
Professor and Coordinator- Psychiatric Sex Clinic, Dept. of Psychiatry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University- BSMMU, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Former Mental Skills Consultant, Bangladesh Cricket Board
Drug Addiction


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