Often we hear that, “all people are mentally ill in some way” or “there are some mental illnesses among all people”. Some people even say, mentioning a specific percentage, that all people are “this percent” mentally ill.

  • Is this really true?
  • Why do people say these words?
  • What is the purpose behind it?

There has been a lot of research about mental illness or problems in the world and researchers are still researching it. There has been a lot of research in our country as well and it is still in progress. But there is not any exact result/ information in any research that says every person on this planet has “this percent” mental problems. But many major studies show that at least one of every three or four persons is suffering or has suffered from a mental illness at some point of life. These studies have been conducted in different countries and different cultural circles around the world. A number of results of research studies is also available in the famous website Wikipedia where the results of various research information from the World Health Organization and the conducted research held throughout Europe are given.

There is interesting information in Wikipedia, according to research conducted in Europe, that at least one of every ten persons is suffering from mental illness at a time of a year. These researches were mainly carried out on a specific population at a certain time in order to calculate the amount of people who are suffering/suffered from mental illness. 

Another study, which was conducted in America, says that at least one of every three persons has experienced a major or a small mental problem in their life. Almost similar information is also given by China and Australia.

But there is no mention of such information which shows that every person has a specific percent of mental illness. In some studies, however, it has been mentioned that a person has the possibility to be affected by any mental illness. But there is no specific information which indicates that all humans have mental problems.

Now the question is: is there any problem having such proverbs or beliefs prevailed among people?

  • Or is there any difficulty at all?

The answer is: Yes, of course there is a problem.

This is the biggest problem for them who are suffering from any kind of mental disorder or illness or any other problems regarding mental health. That belief makes us think that every person has a mental problem. So there’s no need for treatment for mental disorders. People do not recognize and accept the mental problems as disease because of this belief. This belief has made a bad influence on the importance of the treatment and disrupted almost all aspects of mental health. Even many relatives of the patients think that there is no need to see a doctor for mental illness as every person, more or less, has a mental problem.

But it should be mentioned that mental illness and mental problems are not the same. Mental problems are the symptoms of one particular mental disease. Every person can have a particular mental problem such as sleep problems, tension, fear, often heart beats fast, restlessness etc. These are not diseases individually rather these are the common traits of people exactly like the problems in different parts of the human body. Human body is not perfectly healthy always. But we do not have to think about these!

We always have to understand when we should consider a person mentally ill and without considering that belief when we should bring him under the necessary treatment. It has to be kept in mind that when a person becomes the cause of loss for himself or for others, he must be brought under medical treatment.

But we should never neglect a mental patient considering this tagline “all people have some mental problems”. If anybody is facing some specific problems for a specific time, that person should be taken to the psychiatrist and should see whether he is a mental patient or not. If there is a specific mental cause or even if the person feels mentally uncomfortable by the effects of various physical illnesses, he should also take help from a psychiatrist.


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