Family: a place for discipline or freedom?


Family is the first school of man. At a young age, people are centered around the family. Mutual understanding with the family continues to give and take. But over time, that is likely to change.

A man is a boy or a girl in childhood, a husband or wife in middle age, mother or father, then grandparents. This is how life revolves around the family.

Youth is an important time in our lives. During this time the role of the family changes or needs to change towards the youth. Again, as part of growing up, the role of young people in the family is also changing. At this time, young people feel more close to their friends.

Family structure is changing over time. Big families are breaking up into smaller families. Again the number of families with single father or only mother from single family is increasing day by day. There were many joint families in our country earlier than now. Now single family is slowly growing. At the same time, the number of families with only father or single mother is also increasing.

The structure of the family, the rules of the family – these two things depend on the development of young people in the family. Youth is a very important time in life. At this time, young people think of themselves as different people. For this they need freedom. Again, extra freedom can bring the lives of young people to the brink of destruction. There is no maturity to get out of a crisis. Ideally, as young people need independence, they also need to take responsibility for their own work.

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It again depends on the social system, the economic rules and regulations of the country, the culture of that society etc. There is a difference between developing countries and developed countries in this place. The role of family members is crucial. Young people need freedom as well as control of their behavior. In Western culture, they get more freedom and they can take responsibility for their work, which they can adapt to their social system, economic opportunities.

In our country, freedom can be as dangerous as in the West. Various studies have shown that one type of parenting is successful in western countries and another type of parenting is beneficial in developing countries. We have seen in this culture that the structural rules and regulations of the families that exist, their young ones grow well. Again in the western countries it has been seen that it is better to grow up in a family where there is a nice balance of structural rules and freedom.

So it is seen that free freedom has not brought good results even in western countries. The term Tiger Parenting is well known in China and growing up with such young people is better than others. In the case of Sri Lanka and Tamil, it has been observed that parents take great care of their children. This is also seen in our country. However, research is needed to tell which is better.

Young people try to look at society by standing on their own. It is important to remember that they are less likely to make mistakes due to lack of practical experience and knowledge. But mistakes help them to learn. So the parents of the family need to take the matter seriously. When young people come back frustrated failing at work, they should get enough support from their families.

The role of the family in child development

It is your responsibility as a family to instill principles in your children that they will use to steer their own life. Children will look up to their parents and siblings as role models. Your youngster observes your actions to learn how to act appropriately. When things go wrong, it’s critical to keep your cool. When with family, it’s more essential than ever to try to always demonstrate your beliefs.

To return to the core building blocks, teaching children basic emotions when they are young is a really useful thing for family members to undertake. Naming and explaining emotions are crucial methods for your child to understand how they are feeling when they are feeling a specific way. Children can learn how to respond to their sensations after this foundation has been laid.

Children will follow what they see, not what they are told.

In a child’s growth, learning how to have face-to-face interactions is crucial. Face-to-face conversations need quick replies, facial expressions, signals, certain voice tones, and much more that we don’t get through texting or other internet messaging platforms.

This is precisely what your child expects from you and their family. By ensuring that family members put their phones away and spend at least a portion of the day “off the grid,” you can assure that interpersonal connection with your child occurs. Simply talking to your child about their day over supper does a lot more to teach interpersonal skills than you would think.

In conclusion, it is evident that too many rules prevent young people from seeing and understanding life. Excessive freedom has not brought good results in any society. Young people easily go down to risky jobs without realizing it. Most of the time it can’t be overcome. That is why a balanced relationship is important which will be arranged as a combination of structural rules and necessary personal freedom. However, it is very important to be by the side in times of danger.


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