Gender Identity Disorder


The boy does not want to see himself as a boy; likewise the girl does not want to consider herself as a girl. Such cases are not common. It is rarely found in our country compared to other developed countries. This is called Gender Identity Disorder.

In this ‘Gender Identity Disorder‘ disease, the person does not feel comfortable about his/her gender. They think themselves of the opposite sex and want to change their own gender. They imitate the behavior of the opposite sex and wear clothes of them, like to be and play with them. They also expect that others will treat them as opposite sex and behave like them. They do/ like/want to imitate their movements, language, word selection and throat voices too.

This disease can be seen in both boys and girls. The boys wear clothes like girls, play with girls, or like to play with girls and also think everyone should treat him as a girl and behave with him in that way.
This is exactly the case for girls. Even they try to establish themselves as sons in the family. Most of them are willing to leave their own society and contacts.

The patient can have other mental diseases because of this “Gender Identity Disorder” because they often have to fight against various situations.

By analyzing children’s behavior, the disease can be easily diagnosed and then he/she should be given the proper treatment as soon as possible. And thus one can get better result otherwise it can be dangerous and complex if it is late.

Dr. S M Yasir Arafat

MBBS, MBA, MPH, & MD Phase B Resident, Department of Psychiatry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. Adjunct Faculty, Department of Public Health, ASA University, Bangladesh. Contact:


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