Good aspects of anxiety!

benefits of anxiety
anxiety has some benefits

According to a health website, good anxiety is scientifically called eustress, which urges us to achieve more, to improve our quality of life, to fight for justice, to go on vacation and so on.

The good aspects of such anxiety or stress are:

Increases brain power:

A small amount of anxiety produces a chemical in the brain called neurotrophins. Which strengthens the connection between neurons. This is also the basic method of mental and physical peace that comes when you exercise. Increases transient immunity to diseases: The body prepares itself for possible outcomes when under stress. The method is to produce a large amount of a chemical called interleukins, which controls the body’s immune system. The result is generation of a temporary defense system.

Increases ability :

It makes work easier once you deal with controllable stress. Physical and emotional control is strengthened by dealing with such stress over and over again.

Increases Creativity:

People become anxious while facing new challenges . This anxiety then forces us to fight and to bring about a change that is compatible with the new. All the good and bad things in life cause more or less stress. Creativity is often created in the rhythm of constantly adapting to the new.

Motivation for Success:

Anxiety may be needed to succeed in a particular task at work. An example is the worry of finishing work on time. That worry is your only help to get the job done at the right time though you have multiple tasks in your hands.

The key to success in everything from work to sports is the stress of being successful.

Beneficial for the newborn:

It is thought that anxiety during pregnancy has a bad effect on the newborn. This is what happens when anxiety is excessive and continues at every moment. However, if the dose is low, it can be beneficial for the newborn. One study found that- the children of the mothers with mild or moderate levels of anxiety during pregnancy had better development than the kids of the mothers with no anxiety during pregnancy. This difference was observed in the study within two years of birth.


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