According to WHO, the definition of health is “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.To be of sound body, you also need to be of sound mind – they are equally important, and I believe this needs to be widely recognized. 

But like other South Asian countries, in Bangladesh also maximum people do not consider it a health-related issue, but instead put mental illness down to other factors -such as superstitious belief, possessions, or other supernatural beliefs. 

There is a culture of shame about mental illness also too familiar for many Bangladeshis. Speaking, discussing, or diagnosed with mental health problems is a serious stigma. People of our country often conceal their mental illness due to this taboo. 

These views about mental health make it one of the most serious challenges in our country. And “MONER KHABOR ” taken this largest challenge to work on such a sensitive, stigmatized topic.

From the very beginning ‘Moner Khabor magazine and online portal tried their best to removing stigma, informing people about all mental disorders and the importance of treatment. They involved all prominent psychiatrists, psychologists in their walkway. And it is not surprising that now it is the most leading magazine based on mental health in this country. 

Today on this very happy occasion on the birthday of Moner Khabor magazine, I want to congratulate all members of Moner Khabor for their success. And of course a  special thanks to Prof.Dr.Shalauddin Kusar Biplob sir for this wonderful magazine, also for doing a tremendous job on mental health.


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