Harmful Drug ‘Yaba’ in Bangladesh


The main ingredient of the drug is Methamphetamine. Once upon a time in some countries, Yaba was used as a medicine to stop flux. It was also used for weight loss treatment. Methamphetamine was popular among the soldiers during the Second World War to eliminate fatigue and to stay alert. Later, common people, especially students, long-distance drivers and runners also started using it. Gradually, its use is prohibited worldwide due to its bad or long-term harmful reaction.

However, it still continues to grow in some countries. Drugs used to be mixed with caffeine and methamphetamine. This drug is mostly produced in Thailand and spread out in other countries nearby. It is now available in Bangladesh even after the use of Marijuana, Phensedyl, Heroin and Pethidine. Yaba is also known as Crazy Medicine or Crazy Drug by many people. Some people say it Nazi Speed or Speed.

Yaba is a Thai word. Most probably, in Bangladesh Yaba came in 1997. Later, on the year 2000 Yaba started to smuggled from Thailand and Myanmar. Initially, due to high prices, the user was restricted only among the high economic class. Later on,  it became very popular in other economic classes also.  Then some unauthorized manufacturers become interested to import the ingredient of Yaba and starts producing locally. They then reduce the price to make it available to other economic classes also.

The grapes, orange or vanilla flavors are mixed with the original production to make young people more attractive; Green or red-orange colored small tablet Yaba is like a candy; As a result, the addict’s cannot understand at first.

Some people think Joy and excitement of Yaba may help to forget the pain of life. Some people use it for the extra pleasure of sexual activities or to reduce extra weight. People also use Yaba to ensure tireless enjoyment in night party as it cause less sleep. But they do not have the time to get the instant pleasure tablet going to destroy them.

This tablet works on low dose first but gradually need to increase the dose. The amount of Yaba that previously brought joy, it is no longer thereafter. Increasing the number of tablets, and after the passing pleasure, there are many harmful symptoms.

It causes sleeplessness and person can not sleep even seven to ten days in response to YABA. It causes dry mouth, irritable mood, forgetfulness sweating and less body movement. Users started to feel themselves dull. It can lead to increased heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure.

Long-time addicts may have high blood pressure. Due to high pressure small blood vessels in the brain start to decay and break down that cause bleeding. It hampers personal, professional and family life.

Addicts suffer from depression due to failure and backwardness. Suicidal tendencies are also common. schizophrenia can also occur due to symptoms such as visual illumination, and abnormal behavioral symptoms.  Excessive Yaba use can lead to death.Those who enter Yaba through the syringe, may be infected with germs of severe bleeding diseases like Hepatitis B, C and AIDS.

Along with increasing the amount of Yaba, the addicts become dependent on it both physically and mentally. Once you have taken Yaba for a few hours or a few times, there are many symptoms in the body and mind, so the forced addicts will go back to the world of intoxication.

It is not that the addicts will never return to normal life. But this requires long-term treatment. Different types of medical procedures are shown in the advice of mental disorders specialist; They can go back to the drug-free lifestyle. Drugs, psychotherapy and other treatment options were tried to bring the drug addict back to the normal and healthy lifestyle. Sometimes surrounding environment, need to change to encourage drug addict. Psychiatrist, family members, relatives and real friends have an important role for treatment purpose. Users can get back to the healthy life with the combined support of psychiatrists and family members.

However, the overall resistance needed to protect the youth of the country from the invasion of Yaba. The law enforcement agencies must be more active in those places where the people bring Yaba from neighboring countries. Strict action should be taken to prevent the production and supply of Yaba within the country. Exemplary punishment should give to narcotic dealers. Everybody, especially the emerging young people, must be made aware about the evil of Yaba.

Dr. Muntasir Maruf


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