How to handle criticisms?


Whether it’s the workplace or the family, misunderstandings are inevitable. Occasionally there are situations where we have to face criticisms. It is safe to be ready for it. But how? There are a few things to keep in mind so that one incident of criticism does not call for another.

In order for a relationship not to be bitter in the face of criticism, it is necessary to pay special attention to a few aspects. Consider these suggestions:

Think about why you are being criticized
If criticism is reasonable, it is important to learn to accept it
Not expressing anger or resentment even if there is no reason to accept
Cool your head and explain your position
Give no immediate reactions, it’s best to take the time

Many events coincide with time. If you realize your mistake, you can correct it in a cool head. If there is a mistake on the other side, it can be explained as an opportunity in words and deeds.


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