Sleeping is a very important physical process in human life. Every human being needs to sleep properly, otherwise there will be many problems including tiredness, irritable mood, making mistakes more, and slowing down creative work. Moreover, a person cannot do his daily activities without sound sleep. Above all, when a person suffers from insomnia, only he/she can understand the bitter agony of life. And when this problem of insomnia gets serious and reach the highest level, people may also die. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychological Association, features several symptoms of insomnia disorder.

In this case, people become dissatisfied with their sleeping ability as the quality and quantity of sleep are very poor. For example, there is a problem in sleeping constantly or spontaneously that is to wake up from sleeping again and again or wakes up from sleep and cannot fall asleep again, waking up early in the morning and does not have the ability to sleep again, etc. Due to sleep disruption, significant obstacles arise in the context of social, occupational behavior and other important activities. Sleep problems occur at least three times a week. Sleep problems arise at least three times a month. This problem arises in spite of adequate sleeping opportunities because of this disorder.

Besides, insomnia should not be considered as other sleepwalk disorders such as Narcolepsy, Bidring-related slip disorder, circadian rhyme slip wash disorder, and Parasomnia. Insomnia is not a consequence of taking insomniac substance (psychotic products/drugs. These symptoms of insomnia cannot be fully explained by other mental disorders and physical conditions.

Special signs:

Episode: The episode will be called when the symptoms are being seen for at least one month but less than three months.

Persistence: The symptoms are called persistence type when symptoms have already lasted three months or more.

Recurrent: At least two or more episodes will appear within at least one year.

However, it is necessary to know more about the signs. For example, a person takes more than 20 to 30 minutes to fall asleep and wakes up again after sleeping a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes in the case of a disorder. It is also seen that a person wakes up 30 minutes before his fixed time in the morning and wakes up before sleeping 6 hours. In addition to that, people face many obstacles in the work during the day. For example, they feel tired and sleepy the whole day and have to face problems like shattered attention, losing memory comprehension, and facing difficulty generating general skills. And there will be signs of sadness and anxiety as well. Diseases can be caused by illness, isolation, or various pressures in daily life. There are many effects which can make a person insomniac such as concerns about everything, tenderness, depression, stress, too sensitivity, being too emotional, tendency to suppress own feelings and also some environmental factors like light, intolerable high temperatures can also act as a risk factor for this disorder. 

Girls are more prone to have this disease than boys. This problem can occur at any age. But the first episode is more likely to be seen among older young people but in the case of women, maybe after menopause. The normal sleeping process will be interrupted if there is excessive worry, attention or effort oversleep problems. Some people also make an abnormal habit of sleeping. For example, spending extra time in bed, no specific schedule for sleeping, afraid of not falling asleep, conscious about day work that it will be disturbed because of sleeplessness, etc. Besides, that person used to do some work in his sleepless night which is why he woke up at that time. On the other hand, a person can easily go to sleep without trying so hard and following a specific routine.

Finally, those who are suffering from insomnia disorder can get better through medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and get to sleep peacefully. Then they will feel that the world is such a peaceful place.


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