In the present world, we are now living in an information technology village. The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. The use of the Internet in most of our work has become essential day by day. We search the Internet for our physical and mental inconvenience. We get the evidence of that every day as a doctor of mental illness. The patients came and told me that I have depression or I have an obsession etc. but when we look for symptoms according to the criteria of disease, most of the people do not meet the diagnosis of the disease. In many cases, it can be seen that we or any doctor give the name of the disease and give treatment accordingly but then the patients go to match according to what is on the internet and often they start their activities according to their mind. In most cases, it is seen among the educated and young people living in urban areas. We cannot discourage people to see disease on the Internet or looking for alternatives to treatment. Many diseases are treated in the developed countries through the internet. All the information about a lot of diseases is available on the Internet and in some cases, there are certain organizations supporting the particular disease also. The Internet can act as an assistant in mental health. But in our country, it is not helpful or beneficial to those who want to diagnose and treat their diseases with the help of the internet. There are a few things to keep in mind that the internet can never replace a professional, only can help the professionals. Those who want to match everything from the internet should be careful about a few points. Such as:

– All the information on the internet is correct.

– I can understand the meaning of what is on the internet.

– The information on the Internet conforms to my surroundings.

– Whether Internet data is applicable to me?

– If I can understand and master the meaning of unknown words of mental health care.

– How accurate and practical is my understanding?

– Whether the information on the internet is useful for me.

– Are these the reasons for my harm?

In many cases, mental patients do not want to understand their good and bad or sound health or illness. So it is important for the family members to keep an eye on this.

If it is needed, doctors will suggest seeing the information from the Internet. Good results are expected if the patient follows the doctor’s suggestion and gets the help of the internet only on the doctor’s suggestion. It has been found to be a disservice to diagnose and treat disease only by the Internet. It can often cause internet addiction not to have the benefit of treatment.


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