Let a normal world also be locked down for two days in a week


We do not want that world. Our future world  should be naturally beautiful and a safe and loving place for all species.

If Allah the Almighty saves us from this pandemic, then we should lock down the entire world at least for two days in a week for the sake of the coming world; the industrial factories should be locked; there will be no smoke in the sky; it will be unpolluted; the birds will fly freely; no vehicles or humans will be on the roads; there will be only the deprived species and creatures.

The deers, elephants and cubs will walk on the roads with no fear; peacocks will dance; blue cows will walk in the locality with no fear instead of hiding in the forest; naught monkeys, foxes, tigers, lions and bears will celebrate together.

We, the humans, will watch them celebrating and the beauty of the earth from the window without any selfishness and greediness. We will see the blue and glossy sky with no smoke. The river will flow; the canals and lakes will be filled with water and various fish will dance in them.

The ocean will be full with various watery species including dolphins, whales and sharks and they will be floating around ships. The waterfalls will flow with their babbles; the forests will be greener; the birds will chirp; griggs will make their noise at moonlit night; we will see the glimpse of a new moon. 

The planes will be at rest; ducks and storks will be gathered in the runways; there will be suited penguins as well. The wars will be postponed for two days; bombers will return; missiles will not strike; the soldiers will rest too; all warriors will go back to their barracks from the bunker; they will drink tea with the fragrance of roses at the balcony; nature will be at ease. 

And thus our world will be saved and nature will be revived. And then all the humans will live in a healthy, beautiful and sound world which will be enriched with the variety of species. It is just two days. Hey world, let’s return the right of the earth by lockdown.   


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