Italy is the most Coronavirus infected country in the UK. Italy has the highest rate of death and therefore the country is locked down for a long time to minimise the loss. And according to the doctors, these two factors, death and lockdown, have been affecting the mental health of the people of that country.       

The officials of a centre of Mental Health Protection conducted by Red Cross have informed BBC that they are receiving many calls from the people who are suffering from mental problems.     

Many people are stating that staying in the house is as difficult as confining in jail. Some are suffering from loneliness and some from panic. Some even want to commit suicide.   

Health and economy are badly hampered by this pandemic and the normal way of living is being severely disturbed. And these are all affecting mental health. Mental disorders have increased in this uncertain lockdown. 

Italy has stood second at the rate of death caused by Corona in the whole world. To handle the situation and to put an end to the spread of the Coronavirus, Italy has been locked down for a long time. 

A new research has shown that 45% infection of Corona virus has been reduced because of lockdown. But that couldn’t change the negative effect on the minds of the people.       

Family turmoil is increasing in Italy because of lockdown. Old people are also suffering from mental problems because of isolation. There is an emergency situation created in mental health including all these problems.  

A doctor from the centre of Mental Health Protection of the Red Cross has said, “People, who are mentally unstable, do not know what to do or whom to talk with. Therefore, they are calling here to seek help. Many have said, ” I want to commit suicide.” Because there is no fun left in life as before.” 

The officials of that centre are having too many calls 24/7. People, who are suffering from depression, are calling for help.   

Many people are behaving rudely and shouting over the phone. They are behaving like mad as they have been confined in their house for so long.

Many are losing their temper over video call with their parents and even with friends. How many days more in this? Many ask this question. Many are too panicked to go outside thinking the virus can be in the air.   

There is a lot of practice about mental health in Italy. Yet there is no national arrangement for it. As a result, the country doesn’t have enough to tackle the problem by which the nation is suffering from and the psychologists have warned by saying that there are not enough psychologists or psychiatrists.


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