Owning a pet: An Emotional Support Animal for our wellbeing


The culture of owning a pet has been growing popularity in recent years. Various studies have shown that people who have an emotional support animal at home are in better health physically and mentally than others. Pets who have a positive effect on their mental health and body and serve as an emotional support are essentially considered Emotional Support Animal.

What is an Emotional Support Animal

But how do these animals provides support? Let’s find out:

An emotional support animal is an animal companion that offers some type of benefit to an individual with some form of disability. The animal is intended to provide companionship and support that will help alleviate at least one aspect of the disability.

It’s easy to claim that these support animals can help people become more relaxed, happy, and contented. Are emotional support animals, on the other hand, really that different from any other pet? The research has shown no clear results. While some research suggests that emotional support animals may have beneficial impacts, evidence for their therapeutic usefulness is limited.

Support animals, for example, have yet to be proven to provide considerable benefits over a typical pet, according to other studies. It is unclear whether emotional support animals offer any therapeutic effects beyond the good advantages that animals bring in general, according to a 2016 study published in the journal Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. In same year, an article published by the American Psychological Association, psychologists Jeffrey Younggren and colleagues claimed that “little empirical data exists to support the conclusion that ESAs are successful in alleviating psychological disorders and related difficulties, and empirical evidence that does exist is inconsistent, scarce but emerging.”

One research review found that owning a pet has positive effects on mental health by fostering emotional connectivity and helping people manage in times of crisis. Dogs are the most common type of emotional support animal, but cats are quite common as well. Along with this two, there are some interesting stories of pets like a duck and turkey that has gained popularity as Emotional Support Animal.

There are a number of benefits of an Emotional Support Animal. Check them out here:

Keeps Health in check

Pandemic and lockdown have highlighted the importance of maintaining our physical and mental health. Most people are now putting effort for being active and maintaining good health. We are doing everything to protect our immune system. Among these various ways, a very simple way is to own pet. Studies have shown that those who have these support animals in their home have better mental and physical well-being than others, even their immune systems work better than others.

Help GRow Human Qualities

Walking with a dog makes people look more approachable and friendlier. It gives reason for others to stop and talk. It gives an opportunity for the owner to network with others. Pets can also help you be humble and considerate. You are more polite with people because you are responsible for your child’s behaviors. Emotional Support Animals are further help to be more emotionally positive.

 Stress Release

The biggest impact of keeping pets on us is related to our psychology. A recent study found that people with a variety of mental health problems gradually improved after bringing an emotional support animal into the home. Research on nearly 2,000 pet owners has shown that about 84 percent of them have improved their mental health as a result of keeping different animals. Even many other studies have shown that people who has an emotional support animal live longer. A study of 3 million people in 2019 found that about 24 percent of those who have a pet dog in their home have had their risk of death reduced by about 10 years.

Their Touch Reduce Blood Pressure

Along with psychological benefit, owning a pet has its positive physiological benefits also. Research says touching their super soft fur, petting them, being loved by them can lower their blood pressure. These social interactions with any companion or support animals help their blood pressure in check.

Offers Their Unconditional Love To You

People can’t always be there for you, but pets can. They may provide affection and friendship, as well as appreciate quiet moments, maintain secrets, and snuggle well. They may also be the most effective remedy to loneliness.

In fact, one study indicated that when nursing home residents were visited by dogs alone, they felt less lonely than when they were visited by dogs plus humans. All of these advantages can help people feel less stressed from social isolation and a lack of social support.

Walking and exercising is a Routine

The main reason for all this is that when a person spends time with a pet, all kinds of mental instability in him is reduced. Their human qualities develop. Various mental problems such as excessive stress, restlessness, fatigue, depression, they weaken our immune system, weaken the digestive power, and hinder the way to a healthy life. An support animal can protect its owner from these damages. It also develops social qualities in a person. Those who keep pets at home tend to be more sociable and full of life than others. Which brings positive changes in our family and social life. Thus having good mental health it also affects their body. This gives them a chance to live a physically healthy life.

In many cases, it is thought that having pets at home can be a barrier to maintaining good health. But with proper upbringing and supervision, such risks never arise. To have a positive change in mental health and to have a mentally healthy and beautiful life we ​​should all be sympathetic and humane towards everyone which is quite easily possible through pets. Having a pet at home indirectly and directly reduces our stress and plays a role in maintaining good health which also keeps our body healthy and also strengthens our immune system. Keep a pet in the house to reduce stress and stay mentally and physically healthy during the pandemic.


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