Parenting in times of Corona


A middle-aged man is shouting Saima Saima while looking at the house next door. I guessed that the girl was angry and closed the door. He was standing by for a long time, calling his daughte to open the door.

I was afraid inside that the girl did any harm to herself. Because, it’s been an hour and there is no sound. Lately, teenagers are more prone to excessive anger, stubbornness, holding the door in anger, not eating, and hurting themselves.

After continuous trial, a voice came from inside, meekly replied, “Let me be alone.”

But the father kept calling. There may be some fear hidden inside him.

Teenagers show different types of behavior in adolescence, sudden anger, disagreement, tendency to not listen, along with many more unwanted behaviors we often notice.

These problems have multiplied many times in Corona. One of the major reasons behind this is the lack of perfect rules. Simply put, leisure time is much longer and the amount of work is less. It is the manifestation of the adverse effect of being unemployed for a long time.

Sleep patterns might have changed, eating habits and irregularities, spending too much time on digital screens, consuming excessive fast food, and living an uncertain life are affecting not only children but also adults.

Now the question is how do we get out of it? What can be done to control this unwanted behavior of children and adolescents?

First of all

The answer is, I am not in favor of the behavior of children and adolescents, their free will, the control of emotions. Because you control a large part of a person’s life by yourself, in the end you will hope that he will make the most important decision of his life in the right way, but it is never possible. You will act as a helper, not a controller for your child. Give importance to your child’s emotions, desires, feelings. Let your child make the decision. Analyze the good and bad aspects of that decision with him. At the end of the day you should let them take their own decision and aceept whatever it is.

The next thing you must deal with is to bring up the child in a normal way. For that you have to come to the right rules yourself. Remember, your child follows you. If you wake up late because the office is closed, it is unreasonable to expect your child to wake up just in time! You set your own daily rules first, then work on fixing your child’s daily rules. Only then will you succeed. One thing to keep in mind here is that by day-to-day rules I don’t just mean studying. This will include everything your child does, from eating breakfast to playing, taking a bath, watching TV.

Many parents say they never want their child to use a digital screen as these are addictive. My opinion is that if I don’t introduce the child to the modern world, how will he keep pace with civilization? You can of course give the child a digital device. But here you have to set the time. And it should also be included in the routine how long he will use the digital screen.

Encourage the child’s small success. Discard his unwanted use. Establish a friendly relationship with him. Dominant behavior will create distance between you and your child. Fear him if he makes a mistake, show him the way to solve it. It is best not to have a relationship with a child where your child is afraid to tell you about his or her mistakes. Because if this happens, the amount of mistakes will continue to increase and he will not find the right solution.

If we can bring our child back to normal then their unwanted behavior will come down a lot. And your child will be able to live a quality life. Even then, if there is unwanted behavior, excessive anger, stubbornness in someone, then I think it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist.


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