Fear of ghost or Phasmophobia

There are few people who believe in ghosts but there are also few people who are not afraid of ghosts. The matter is quite strange and confusing. It is more fun and weird when the fact is that most people are very eager to get over the fear of ghosts. For example, many people are thrilled to hear ghost stories or feel very happy and excited to watch ghost movies. Studies show that as long as people can have control over themselves, they feel pleasure having the sense of risk and fear. So the fear they get from watching or hearing the ghost stories and movies is under the control of the human brain. It means enjoying the fear from where there is no real fear.

But the problem is only when it goes out of control. Many times it is seen that fear of death and fear of ghosts (unexpected souls or creatures) is in common. In most of the cases there is a mental illness behind this fear. If this is the problem then it is urgent to consult the psychiatrist quickly.

Fear of death or Thantophobia 

It is known to all that everyone has to taste death. But many people are always afraid and worried about death. People with such problems think about how death will happen, when, who will be with, what happens after death, etc. This worry of death covers a large part of their mind such as if they die, what will happen to themselves, what will happen to those who depend on them. They were even more imaginative about the horror of death.

Thoughts of death are considered normal in many cases but the extent of thinking of death or ‘Fair of Death’ has to be considered and emphasized and then we can understand whether it is a problem or not. Many times, this fear of death is influencing people’s everyday activities which can endanger their normal life. For example, affecting the work because of deviating attention, facing problems in the profession, losing control over oneself. If these uncomfortable situations are created then he must consult a specialist doctor.

Sub-conscious fear or apprehension 

Being worried all the time, getting dizzy suddenly, being in a horror of what is happening, feelings of fear without any reason can make one’s life miserable. But there is no specific reason or explanation for fear of all the time. Well if there is a reason for fear, then it may be alright. But when there is no reason for fear, then it is a problem. It always seems that there is a great danger coming for them, there is an accident happening or it is going to happen etc. and sometimes fearing for themselves and also fearing for the people who are close to them that something will happen to them as well. Being in such fear makes the heart beat fast and they will have weird feelings and instability too and etc. Such fear is called, ‘free floating anxiety’ or apprehension in English.

This usually happens due to anxiety related mental disorders. This can also happen for hormonal problems. Someone should consult with the psychiatrist quickly without delay if there is any unnecessary fear.


The above three types of fear can happen in normal conditions too and sometimes due to the mental illnesses. A person normally can have the fear of ghosts and fear of death as well. A person can enjoy the fear of ghosts which is exciting and thrilling and fear of death is very usual to have for religious reasons. But as long as these fears are under self-control, they are considered as normal. But if these fears go out of control then there must be a full treatment. One or two general consultations will not bring any benefits in this regard. Many people think that one of the suggestions may be useful. But remember, disease is disease so that advice cannot help a lot but the treatment can.


Though these types of fears have the potential to be linked to various mental disorders, they are usually more likely to be associated with anxiety disorders. It can be associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Conversion Disorder, Delusional Disorder or various types of Phobic Disorder. Depending on the reasons behind the disease or the involvement of the disease, its treatment should be given. All medicines, psychotherapy and psycho-education will be necessary in the process of treatment.


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