Self-harm, the dangerous mental disorder

ways to changing behavior
Changing behavior requires retraining your brain to do something different from what you’ve been doing.

Suicide means killing yourself and self-harm doesn’t mean killing yourself but continuously harming yourself by other means. But these two things are very well-connected. Surviving from suicide is also considered as self-harm but eventually you will kill yourself without having intention to kill yourself by this disorder called self-harm.

There are different kinds of factors which make a person harm herself or himself.

  • Those who can not control their anger in any way can hurt themselves by this repeated anger. There are many reasons for harming yourself such as to get rid of your own anger, to attract others ‘attention, to scare others, to control others’ behavior, to get rid of the pressure, and many more.
  • It can be seen in some mental disorders too such as diseases like schizophrenia, depression, personality problems etc. and in some other problems like drug addiction, misconceptions, emotional problems and many more.
  • There is also a genetic influence in this mental disorder. That means children will likely have this disease if their parents are affected too. Besides, the childhood atmosphere acts an important role too such as parental behavior in childhood, chaotic environment, conflict between parents, indiscipline, the inconsistency of the parents, father’s involvement with jail and the parent’s drug addiction plays a special role.
  • Person’s intelligence, education, social status, career, addiction to drugs, inconvenience in family life, stress of daily life, bad relationships with friends, etc. play an important role in this disorder.

They, the patients of this disorder, have some certain problems in day to day life. These patients can not maintain or create good relationships with others; they cannot take the criticism of others, they cannot think about a specific topic which others can think naturally/easily; they can get easily involved in disputes with others for a very little reason.

Self-harm is a symptom of mental illness. Without neglecting, patients with this disease should go to the mental service providers to take advice and treatment accordingly. And thus these patients can be saved from serious losses.


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