changing behavior

Skeptical people do not live long; a group of teachers in Stockholm University, Sweden, have researched on twenty-four thousand people and published this data. – News, Daily Mail.
Among those people 37% trust others. 58% do not trust anyone. And 5% could not give any answers.

It has been seen in the chart of dead people that in America, the people who were positive throughout their lives lived longer.

It is also said in the research that the people who are very skeptical do not live longer than the people who are not. And also the people who are forgiving live longer.

It is also found that people tend to be more faithful in their old age. They, who have faith in others, have good heart also. They tend to have almost 13% less heart problems.

The researchers from Stockholm University have said that achieving success becomes easier if a person have faith in others.

So, to lead a beautiful and long life, you should eliminate the skeptical tendency and should have faith in people.

But Alexander Methin has opposed this idea and said that it is not right to believe others because people can harm you easily with that much of trust.


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