Skin damages due to mental stress!


Skin problems are seen in college students the most and the main reason behind this is stress. This has been confirmed by recent research. There was a lot of data collected regarding various skin problems related to stress. The undergraduate students of the USA were participants in this research.                 

This research is done by the researchers of Philadelphia Temple University, USA. Gill Yosopovich, the writer of the research paper, has said, “It has been found in research that there is a link between stress and numerous skin problems. But samples were limited in those researches or one specific skin problem was experimented.”

But this time the researchers have confirmed that the research has been done in a wide range without the past limitations.

400 undergraduates were selected for this research. They were divided in groups. The groups were categorised by low stressed students and high stressed students. 

There were lots of skin problems in students who had high stress. The problems like itchy skin, hair fall, oily skin, various problems in the skull, too much sweating, biting nails, rashes and plucking hair etc.   

The researchers have said, if anyone has such skin problems, he should be checked whether he has stress or not. The result of the research was published in a journal of Acta Dermato-Venereology.

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