The human body is composed of a clear cycle of labor and relaxation. The problem creates when the cycle is not maintained properly and also not balanced. Rest is needed depending on the physical labor and again excessive sleeping or resting also causes problems. Thirty percent of elderly people are victims of such sleeping problems. Most of them are facing mental problems.

A recent US study has shown that brain cells are permanently damaged because of insomnia. Besides mental problems and mental disorders, there are other reasons for sleeping problems such as the primary problem of sleeplessness, environmental problems, and various other physical problems.

Sleeping problems do not only destroy nights, but it makes people feel monotonous at day and they have mood swings as well.  Again, if anybody is facing this problem for a long time, it also reduces their intelligence and that later influences one’s personal, educational, professional and social life.

Psychological cause of insomnia:

There are many psychological factors which are responsible for insomnia such as emotional stress, unemployment, excessive work pressure, study pressure, divorce, conjugal conflict, family dispute, limitations of relationships, mental conflict or indecision, anxiety, depression, tension, post-injury mental stress, fastidiousness, suicidal mental problems, addiction and role of other minor and serious mental problems is noted. Among the environmental factors, working on night shifts, noisy surroundings etc. are notable.

Physical causes of insomnia:

Physical factors including chronic diseases, respiratory diseases, stroke, hyperthyroidism (thyroid hormone problems), pregnancy, menopause syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease (amnesia in old age) and the side effects of various medicines (caffeine, ephedrine, cocaine, amphetamine, methylphenidate etc. are responsible for insomnia.

Types of the problem 

The sleeping problem doesn’t mean that it is just insomnia. Not having enough sleep and feeling sleepy all day long are also included in the sleeping problem. However, considering the various reasons for insomnia, the symptoms or signs of sleeping problems are different. Some of the major signs of sleep problems are:

  • Not falling asleep after lying for a long time.
  • Having disturbances or waking up frequently from time to time.
  • Waking up suddenly at midnight
  • Having disturbances and waking up after nightmares
  • Doing unusual behavior in sleeping
  • Asthma in sleeping
  • Having the feeling of inadequate sleep after waking up
  • Tired of daily activities, lack of attention or lack of concentration etcetera


First of all, the doctor should know the details of the patient and then the patient should be provided the necessary treatment by determining the physical or psychological reasons behind his problem through necessary physical and other tests. 

It is necessary to prescribe sleeping pills and instructions to maintain sleep hygiene as well for better treatment. Sometimes cognitive behavioral therapy may be required for the patient. But none should take sleeping pills without the advice of a registered doctor. Sleeping pills have some side effects. It can cause various problems such as feeling dizzy, headache, feeling sleepy throughout the day, etc. Besides all of these, it is addictive. So if anybody takes it for a long time, it will be an addiction.


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