Sleeping problem!


Mr. Kader is restless now and that person along with him is a little irritated too. Mr. Kader has come for his sleeping problem. I told him that the medicines which he has been taking for a long time are responsible for his sleeplessness. This information makes Mr. Kader uncomfortable since he could sleep peacefully because of those sleeping pills in all these years. So he cannot accept that these pills can be the reason for his sleeplessness. Now how will he survive without those pills? Because nobody can live without sleeping.

Mr. Kader: Well, doctor, I know that nobody should take sleeping pills for a long time unnecessarily. But the thing is that I need them. I, myself, stopped taking sleeping pills but I couldn’t because I cannot sleep a bit without the pills. As a doctor, you may know how it feels when anybody cannot sleep.

Doctor: I know that you should stop taking those medicines.

Mr. Kader: Why?

Doctor: Because it’s working like a drug for you.

Mr. Kader: What? I have never touched a cigarette in my entire life and now I would take drugs!

Doctor: I did not say that you were addicted. But it is now becoming addictive for you. And it is not only your problem but also a worldwide problem.

Mr. Kader: I was told by many doctors in all these years that I can take those medicines if it is needed. And now you’re saying, it’s an addiction! How do you know that it is an addiction?

Doctor: It can be said that it’s like an addiction for some specific reasons. For example- you take high power medicines for a long time; You have tried to leave it a few times but failed; Inspite of knowing its side effects, you are still taking those pills; The medicines are not effective like before, as a result, you have to increase your level; If you stop taking, there are other physical problems including sleeping and you start taking medicines again in order to get rid of those problems. As I have already said it is like an addiction. But you have surely become dependent on sleeping pills.

Mr. Kader becomes confused. Now the other person with Mr. Kader starts to talk.

The other person: Doctor, I’ve understood you. However, you have also written another sleeping pill in the prescription. Why have you written another if the sleeping pills are so problematic? It can also be addictive. Then, what is the problem with the previous ones?

Doctor: Do you have enough time? I want to tell you a story, actually an example.

The other person: Yes, we have time. Tell us.

Suppose you, Mr. Kader, have your wife in your family and both of you are employed, busy with your work. You don’t have to keep any maid servant because both of you do the household chores together after returning from the office. One day, naturally you will have a baby. Your wife will take maternity leave for the first six months and thus it will be managed but then your family life will be hard. So you will have to keep a maid to maintain the domestic life. So you went to an organization to look for a maid and they helped you to find one. Suppose you have managed a maid and her name is Rahima Begum. 

Rahima Begum has won the hearts of everyone within two days. She looks after the child and she does many other things  too. Mr. Kader and his wife are very happy. Their baby is crazy for Rahima Begum. It can stay without its parents but not without Rahima Begum. Though it is a bit awkward, at least Mr. Kader and his wife are relieved. After five or six months, Rahima Begum no longer wants to stay. She wants to leave for home. But what could be the reasons for it? After a lot of persuasion, it is known that she has got another job with a higher salary than this. So helplessly you have increased her salary right after. But after two or three months, she starts her negotiations again. She has asked to increase her salary again. You and your wife have become helpless now. Rahima Begum has started to take advantage of this helplessness and you keep wasting money on her. But one day Mr. Kader and his wife became angry and said they decided not to keep her anymore. So Rahima Begum also leaves.

The sky has fallen on Mr. Kader. His boy cannot eat anymore. He only cries the whole day and also does not sleep. Many other problems like these have made their life poisonous. To get rid of these problems, they even hired two maids but they couldn’t stay longer because the boy cannot cope with them. Finally they have brought Rahima Begum back. But that doesn’t bring peace. Now Rahima Begum knows that they are helpless without her. So she has started taking advantages and becoming annoying too. She was not even doing her job properly. Their life becomes miserable. Mr. Kader has started to find its solution.

Many people have given many solutions from their own experiences. They have also tried to solve according to the solution but nothing was permanent. Finally he went to that organization again and they suggested that he should take another maid named Jarina Begum. But he becomes shocked to hear about another maid. But the supplier assures him that Jarina Begum is experienced, gentle and she will easily listen to you. However, there are also some other things to do. They have to reduce the dependency on the maid. They have to develop their relationship with their son. You have to be close with him. They have to do some work on their own etc.

So Mr. Kader has brought Jarina Begum home and Rahima Begum leaves the house. For the first few days, the child made a lot of trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Kader had to face this. After some days, Jarina Begum has become close with the boy with love and care. They have started to continue those advice as well. Soon you have resolved your problems.

Thus the child grew up and Jarina Begum left the house. Now they do not have problems without a maid-servant. Because the boy can do his own work alone and they have a friendly relationship with their son. Mr. and Mrs. Kader do the household chores together like before. So they began to live happily.

Doctor: What did you understand?

Mr. Kader: I have understood the story. Will you explain the connection between me and this story?

You have to exclude some things in the story. Without them, it is your story. Mr. Kader is you and the baby is your sleeping problem. You were living peacefully without your sleeping problem before. Then suppose the supplier is the doctor and Rahima Begum is the medicine which the doctor prescribed. So those sleeping pills had worked very well at the beginning but soon it started to create problems like Rahima Begum. You had an increased dose but it didn’t work. You had tried to stop talking but you couldn’t. There were many problems in your life because of that heavy doses. Many have suggested you many things but nothing was effective. Then you have come to see a doctor who is me. Now I’m giving you another sleeping pill, which means Jarina Begum, which is very tolerable and controllable. You can stop taking this pill gradually by reducing it accordingly. I will tell you some other rules to follow and It is called sleep hygiene. If you follow my advice, you will face difficulties at the beginning. However, if you tolerate them and be patient for a few days, your sleeping problem will be solved permanently and I hope that you will continue without these new medicines.

Mr. Kader: Ok, I got it. I will follow your advice. Let’s see what happens. I’m hoping to see a good result.

Doctor: That’s very good. One of the most important conditions of being healthy is not to lose hope, be patient. Follow the advice. Meet me after a specific time. Treatment will be continued considering the advantages and disadvantages and you will get rid of the problem in this way.

The gentleman took leave.


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