Small Habits for Maintaining Good Mood


Just like maintaining good food habits are important for maintaining a fit body, maintaining habits like writing, reading and planting are of the same importance for our fit mind. Small things can make a big difference in our lives, but we often miss them or underestimate their significance. Making a few changes to our daily routine will eventually result in overall better and improved attitude. This will help us focus on the positives. These tips are not much unique, but this is to remind you that how your mood can dramatically improve and why you should start consciously maintaining them.

writing is great mood lifter

Write down negative thoughts and gratitudes 

Taking 10-15 minutes daily is not much of a hassle, right? But this can have a huge impact in our life. Journaling promotes awareness and assists authors in being present while maintaining perspective. It allows for emotional catharsis and aids in the regulation of emotions in the brain. It gives you a better sense of self-assurance and self-identity. Journaling can aid in the handling of personal adversity and change, as well as highlighting essential life patterns and growth.

a small act of kindness can go a long way

Offer to help someone out

Yes, it  should be integrated in our habits. Helping out someone makes us feel good about ourselves. That is one boost up for the day. Chances are we will be likely to get these small acts of kindness back if we do it for others in the first place. Such small acts can really change our entire day and feel good about ourselves and create an overall positive environment of support and empathy.

enjoy your food

Eat mindfully

Set aside all distractions, screens, and day-to-day mindless thoughts. Take three deep breaths and examine your food well before eating it. As you bring the meal to your lips, notice the temperature and texture. It’s good to smell, taste, and savor. Each time your focus wanders away, bring it back to the simple act of eating. Allow yourself to focus solely on this one item at a time.

plants can make you smile

Water Plants

Planting trees has its long term benefit of saving the environment. Research revealed that it is beneficial to our mental health too. Our serotonin levels are boosted when we get our hands dirty from gardening. Contact with soil and a certain soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, causes serotonin to be released in our brain. Serotonin is a pleasant molecule that also serves as a natural antidepressant and immune system booster. Watering and looking after plants is becomes a rewarding hobby when your little sapling starts giving you flowers from time to time.

decluttering is important for good energy


Because decluttering reduces stress, you’ll sleep better as a result. Keeping your bedroom decluttered is a sleep-aid technique in and of itself. It takes time to declutter. Instead of attempting to tackle larger jobs that can be intimidating, focus on removing it a little at a time by starting with a modest task and then expanding to larger ones. Starting small is a kind of problem solution that can help us feel less stressed while also developing coping abilities and resilience. Good energy in your room will bring good energy in your life.


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