According to the World Health Organization, worldwide 35 million people are suffering from depression currently. The World Health Organization estimates that depression is currently marked as the fourth cause of disability but it will stand in the second place by 2020. Here is a brief discussion about what symptoms of depression are seen so that we can understand and take appropriate action when someone we know is affected. Studies have shown that it is often very rare both diagnosis and treatment at the correct time of depression.

Depression may usually appear as bad mood and including with that not happy with work, to get angry easily, to sleep less or more at night, to decrease appetite or to increase, decrease the energy of the body, not be able to work a long time with attention, feeling weak, feeling worthless, to assume dark future, the pleasures that you enjoyed before does not bring joy anymore, becoming silent, loosing fellowship with friends, thinking about suicide or attempting suicide, reducing biological demand and there can be many other symptoms. Many times depression can be seen with false beliefs or ideas and misconception.

These symptoms are present naturally in the most of the works, in the most of the situations, in the most of the times, in most of the cases.

These symptoms can hamper the daily activities.

Usually, these symptoms last for more than two weeks.

Depression is usually neglected in the early stages. These symptoms can be considered differently depending on the country, environment, personal status etc. Studies have shown that depression in our subcontinent comes more with the different physical symptoms than the bad mood. In many cases it can take a lot of time to think or understand and accept the bad mood. Many people including our acquaintances and also eligible persons do not consider the mental pain. As a result, the suffering of the patients increases greatly. It is possible to reduce the patient’s, family’s and overall suffering significantly if we can diagnose illness quickly and start taking the treatment.  

It will be difficult to conclude depression taking year after year to write or discuss. My little effort is for this intention that when somebody, who is known to us, is having a bad mood or temper, instead of ridiculing him or her we should go to that person separately and ask him or her sympathetically if she or he is actually suffering from depression or not. We need to remember that depression is a disease and it has treatment for those who are suffering, it is probable that the treatment will cure the patient and most importantly, the person who is suffering from depression should be brought under treatment.


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