Taking Medicine – Regulation


Taking Medicine (Regulation of Taking Medicine): We take medicines for any physical or mental illness. The role of psychiatric medicines is a little different from other medicines. These medicines take a little time to start working in human body. So there is no benefit in thinking that it will work immediately. It gets more difficult when the patient changes the doctor by thinking that the doctor is not efficient enough to cure him/her and being worried about the fact that maybe they could not be diagnosed the disease. Therefore it increases the suffering of the patient and his family.

Again, on the other hand, after taking medicines for a few days, the patient, sometimes, thinks that there is no need to take the medicines anymore because he already feels well. Gradually, the patient takes less medicine. As these medicines take a little time to work, it takes time to stop its effects too. So, it doesn’t affect the patient immediately after making pauses in taking medicines. As a result, the patient becomes so motivated to stop the medicines unnecessarily. After a few days, the symptoms prevalent again like before and the patient has to suffer again for a long time to recover. It is really surprising when it is seen that the patient stops the medicine again and comes to get admitted into the hospital.

This is one of the reasons for having the disease again and again. Without consulting the doctor, patients should not stop taking the long-term medicines which have been prescribed. Sudden pauses/stoppage of medicines can also increase the sufferings and symptoms of the disease. In many cases, it also can be seen that the patient chooses his medicines and continues to take them. That means, he takes those medicines which he prefers and in this process, he takes the less important medicine, such as sleeping pills, rather taking the important ones.

Strangely, many people want to take more medicines even after the doctors forbade them. It becomes difficult to stop them from taking medicines. They believe that medicines are the solution of all the diseases and there are medicines available for every kind of diseases. So you must take medicines. This type of patients feels mentally comfortable by taking new drugs but it doesn’t really help the patient or bring any benefits.

I, sometimes, think that this human life is strange and full of variety with diverse minds. I advise someone to take drugs and, at the same time, forbade/suggest someone to abstain from taking that medicine.

Dr. S M Yasir Arafat

MBBS, MBA, MPH, & MD Phase B Resident, Department of Psychiatry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. Adjunct Faculty, Department of Public Health, ASA University, Bangladesh. Contact: arafatdmc62@gmail.com


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