Adolescence is a special time of life. The period between childhood and youth is called adolescence. The adolescence period is like a bridge that connects childhood with adulthood. One side of the bridge is childhood which already tasted and the other side is youth which everyone wants to explore.

Adolescence is also a part of life like other periods such as, childhood, youth, old age. But an adolescent faces some changes in this period. Sometimes adolescents feel alone and shattered because of these changes. But these changes are quite normal to cross the bridge. So adolescence is not an unusual time but a special time in our life. At this time there is a physical change whose impact is reflected in their behavior. In addition, there are significant changes in adolescents’s emotional, social and intellectual development which affects their thoughts, words and actions. So this is a significant period for every boys and girls.

Ecery adolescents becomes emotional during this period. Especially the feeling of love prevails among them and simultaneously sex and sexual thinking awake in them. And the sexual fantasy arouses strongly in them. This fantasy leads to get involved in love with someone special. This teenage love makes all the adolescents happy and the world seems too colorful to them. They discuss this happy feeling with other boys/girls which inspires others to get involved in love. 

It is not good at all to engage in love at an early age. Because it creates a lot of complexities. First of all they become fully emotional. Secondly this love relationship takes them to a new world. In that world, they forget to use logic. They don’t use their intelligence or reasoning power rather depends on their emotional judgments.  As a result, a lot of problems creat in their families. The outcome of love at an early age is awful.

 Generally, the problems that arise due to young love are:

  • Bad relationship with parents:

              If the parents of the teenager happen to know about the love affair, they generally don’t accept it and pressurize him/her to break up. But as usually teenagers don’t agree with their parents and they try to refute which leads to an ultimate fight among them. Because of this tension, the sweet relationship between parents and son/ daughter damages.

  • Parents’ insecurities:

             When their own child gets involved in love with someone, parents become insecure about his/her safety. Because he/she can be in any danger or might get involved in any wrong acts. From this anxiety, they can suffer from insecurity.

  • Inattention in studies:

             Teenagers only take their relationship seriously when they are in love. They love to think about their boyfriend/girlfriend. So that they become inattentive in their studies and thus they cut a sorry figure in their exams. Consequently, this also affects the relationship with the parents. 

  • Got engaged in physical relationship:

             Without thinking, adolescents become intimate in their relationship because of their emotional connection. But this leads to the physical relationship which causes problems like pregnancy, social rejection, health problems, etc.

  • Premature pregnancy:

             The girl may become pregnant because of their physical relationship. This result brings a terrible consequence for the girl as well as for the boy. It creates an equal problem to keep the baby and destroy the baby as well. Keeping the baby will be an acute social problem and aborting the baby can be a health risk for the girl. 

  • Insecurity:

            Sometimes adolescents become insecure about their own relationships. Eventually, they become uncertain about their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s intention or they can’t trust them wholly.

  • Being upset for quarrelling:

           Nowadays, quarreling with the lover is pretty much common in love affairs. So in an immature relationship, the conflicts become twice. Therefore most of them remain upset. 

  • Blackmailing:

             Nowadays, boys have got a chance to blackmail girls with the opportunity of a love relationship. Usually, they capture vulgar photos of the girls and threaten them to post them on social media. Thus the boys try to get extra-benefits from the girl. After being victimized, girls feel awful about their life and depression takes place.

  • Unnecessary cost:

            To make the other one happy, the lover tries many things which cost a lot of money. For example- giving gifts, visiting somewhere, eating in restaurants, etc. To maintain the expense, they often get money through wrong ways such as steal money from their father’s pocket or mother’s bag.

  • Addiction:

           Teenagers may fail in love sometimes but this failure may cause a big price. Most of them cannot tolerate the losing pain and that leads them to be a drug addict. This consequence makes their life miserable. 

  • The reaction of the relatives:

             When the relatives hear about any love affairs at this age, they do not take it positively. They spread many rumors too. Sometimes they forbid their children to talk with those teenagers. 

  • Probability of child marriage:

            Parents feel insecure about their daughters if they have an affair at this age. Parents think that any dangerous act can happen with their loving daughter. So they try to marry off their daughter at an early age because of this tension and insecurity. Thus the probability of child marriage increases. 

  • Pair up with the wrong people:

          Being emotional and immature, teenagers usually choose the wrong person for their love affair. They do not consider a girl’s/ boy’s family, education, temperament, mood, behaviors etc. but fall in love just like jumping into a hole. As a result, the consequences of getting involved in the wrong person are not good.

So teenagers should understand the dangerous effect of a love affair at this early age. Most importantly, feeling curious or attracted to someone is not meant that you should make a love affair with him/her. You should always consider any matters with logic and try to control all the emotions and keep yourselves away from these immature relationships.


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