The Happiness that lies in Art of Giving


“Act of giving something to others is an art of flowering your heart.”

Authentic generosity and happiness are closely tied, and both spring from a place bottom within our hearts. A present is anything that is enjoyed twice, no matter how little or huge it is. The donor enjoys the gift first, and then the recipient enjoys it as well. Studies have shown that buying or giving gifts for others helps us staying emotionally well.

There is no one who doesn’t like to receive gifts. In the same way, it is true that the one who gives this gift is no less happy. Here we need to really understand that a present is not necessarily something that we buy with our money. Personal acts of kindness are a unique type of giving. People need things that can’t be seen, like excellent counsel, a kind word, an appreciation, the sharing of some particular expertise, a praise, a helping hand, and some support at a difficult time, more than we believe.

it does not matter what you are giving, it is about the act of kindness.

Everyone has something to share. We all have something valuable to offer to others. There is a limit to how much you can give away with most things in this world. Thankfully, generosity and compassion are not constrained by the same material constraints, which makes the art of giving a truly beautiful experience.It is clear from various studies that it is true that when a person does something he likes for himself, it is a cause of happiness, but when a person does something for others, it gives him the same pleasure.

The reason for this is that this experience of giving gifts keeps him away from negative feelings like various uncertainties, regrets or emotional dissatisfaction in making wrong decisions and only provides pure peace of mind. He focuses on giving love and joy to others and chances are he will also have the sense of love when he sees the other person’s reaction. It is also commonly said that- “Every single act of generosity, compassion, and kindness will double and return to you many times over”. Your returns will be infinite when you offer without expecting anything in return. Giving from the heart is an activity that will bring joy into your life.

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Researchers have found that when a person donates or gives a gift to someone in need, he or she gets more peace of mind than some of the savings he or she makes for himself or herself. This peace is not related to any particular object or quantity. Rather, it is the ability or the way to make one’s mind better than multiplies one’s love.

Giving or receiving these gifts does not depend on getting praise. It may be that the recipient did not know who was helping him. Again, it may be that neither the donor nor the recipient is familiar with anyone. A complete stranger can help someone with something.

In this case, the main thing is to get peace of mind by meeting the needs of someone and help create peace of mind of others. The key here is emotional satisfaction that comes from giving or helping.

Giving a gift also helps to reduce a person’s stress. It also helps to stay away from negative feelings like mental exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, etc. Since ancient times, giving gifts has been seen as a special way to keep the mind well and increase peace of mind. Which has become more logical through various studies at the present time.

One important aspect of your giving is your intention.

The aim should always be to provide enjoyment to both the donor and the recipient, and when the intentions are good, they establish a pattern of happiness, joy, trust, and love in your life that is far beyond anything you could imagine.

So, much more earning or much more saving can give us a lot more emotional comfort and joy than giving us peace of mind, doing something for others or giving something as a gift to someone. In this case, the amount of income or the amount of donation is not important. Rather, the key is to do something for others.

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